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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: one thing about SEO is that you can rank well but if it doesn't if that piece of the blurb the people see isn't attractive people won't click and then it actually will make your ranking decrease this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy so the click-through rate is very very important and to increase your click-through rate something very powerful you can do is write amazing headlines so I'm gonna post this link here at the end of the video but let's go through together and this is a list of 31 great kind of templates for headlines right so you don't have to think about it so you can see that and you can recognize these online right you can recognize these because I'm sure we've all clicked on these things right you can you know the number one thing is the quick and easy way to do XYZ right so instead of writing something like a tutorial for XYZ which is boring right here's quick and easy way to blah blah blah right but a quick you can do the quick and easy way to set up your website or a number of things that number to a number of things I learned from something right that's kind of interesting because it's unique and it has the promise of something or number three you know how to do the anatomy of doing something perfectly or right how do I achieve good results essentially a surprising way to do something right before it's good because people think like oh maybe I haven't seen this before you know and then there's that how two kinds of things how to do this how to avoid how to do this despite that right how do how to get more accomplished we've all seen these things how to accomplish more with less blah blah blah I think this sort of thing so these headlines are very common and you know if you start using them and I've been using them and it's been working it's very effective especially when you know like I mentioned earlier in my earlier videos if you use hashtags and if you use so you know social updates and you want to amplify your reach one of the great ways to naturally organically amplify your reach is to write great headlines and then use hashtags and then you know boost all those things and so you get the best of all this is how you tweet like a pro kind of okay so you know and then these are I guess you know to get rid of a problem that's a really good one because if you have a problem you want to get rid of it whatever it is you know something Bubba blah blah blah yeah do something like a pro I use this one a lot actually like my I like when I promote my marketing book goes like promote your business like a pro or something like that I it exudes confidence why you need this um yeah ways to do this why you need that number 14 is kind of repeating number 12 here so you guys get it right so just use these headlines I don't want to go through all of them because the video will come too long and then these well I'll kind of go through them a little bit here is interesting because in the yellow you see a number of ways to do this number of ways for that number of things that these are called listicles and people click on them all these like top ten ways through that top ten way through that top seven ways to do this you know people click on them because of the kind of hope that at least one of those were two of those ways will be helpful so and then the ultimate guide is really helpful like like I actually I know my friend Nick whopper I think he seen him use that a few times and that's actually it was pretty effective by his headlines he's from the side hash of hustle nation calm if you check that out his podcast and blog and things like that so everything you need to know about so you know to favourites so these are like the I guess the ultimate things right so also exudes a lot of the confidence these particular ones so try them you know don't just tweet whenever you tweet or whenever you put a Facebook up create whatever you were working on a Facebook update instead of the text that you were gonna put find a similar headline here and structure it in the way that this article suggests because if you do that you these are primed these are they have been proven to get more engagement these headlines so instead of yours try to see how you can make yours more like these and hopefully that will get you a little bit more natural organic extra click-throughs and things like that and just a little bit of extra click-throughs can go a big way if that helps you rank so these things are all connected so try it and I hope that helps so this is a very powerful the thing to get traffic don't get more traffic and ultimately get improve your SEO and ultimately improve your social media because these are these things are all really connected because headlines are everywhere and by the way, you know also if you can want to get the publicity you need headlines right because people see the headline first and that forces them that they only sometimes see the headline so is the only one chance you get to come to convince them is from with your headline so so this is it can be monumentally important just a simple headline but very very important okay so thanks for watching guys and I'll see you in the next video so if you found this video helpful I have a full book and a full course teaching you how to become a great marketer the books the book is for people who want to learn by reading and the course is a video-based course for people who want to learn by watching the video and they both cover approximately the same material so you get one or the other and they really teach you to know things that I did to reach a million people with my business so it's all things that works for me and all the strategies that are effective and I don't teach you any of the things that you know I've had so many trials and errors that didn't work I don't think that I really catch you the stuff that works and I teach you actionable things as well as high-level strategies and things that go into these are offline marketing and online marketing including like SEO social media marketing and it's pretty I get I started at a beginner level but I get to pretty advanced things and even if you're an experienced marketer I'm sure that you have things to learn here especially if you're a new marketer oh boy this is gonna blow your mind because I really packed a lot of good strategies here and you can see the book has 158 pages so it's a pretty full book I've got nice reviews it's you know you can see the where's the curriculum not here but here's also the course and here's my course it has 1,200 students who are already taking it over five hours of lectures and 66 lectures also have nice reviews things like that also feel free to contact me if you have questions about whether the course is right for you or the book is right for you or for what you are trying to accomplish and if you especially he want discounts on the course I can give you that as well so send me an email and check for links in the description of the video to the book and the course and to my email if you wanna email me with questions.

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