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Adding social proof to your product

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Just like having nice reviews add a little bit of social proof to your product there's a few other tactics and techniques that you can do to add social proof to your product this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy [Music] sometimes if you can say this item has been downloaded by a thousand happy customers already or this has over you know we have over a thousand happy buyers or you can sort of add testimonials if that's possible right so testimonials are kind of like reviews but kind of Nod you can just add those quotes directly by pasting from somewhere what you can also do is get the product endorsed this is rare but if you do it it really works because let's say there's some sort of like maybe you're not a celebrity in your niche but you want to get some celebrity in your niche like let's say in the business niche in a startup niche who's a good life you know Mark Cuban right he's like a very well-known celebrity kind of a person like he's probably not gonna endorse her product but let's say that let's just for example say let's say he will say then if you say here's my widget versus saying here is my widget endorsed by Mark Cuban and the quote from Mark Cuban that will increase sales so much because it adds so much credibility because of a person like Mark Cuban would never put his name on something that's like low quality right I mean he would make sure that his name is only attached to good things so that's a kind of a great way to boost sales immediately is by having some sort of a celebrity in your niche endorse the product and one way you can do this is if you have some kind of like way to help them first to build a relationship with them first, maybe don't shoot for somebody as big as Mark Cuban because it's too impossible but someone west but it is still known maybe invite them on your podcast if you have one on your youtube give them some promotion something build the relationship maybe interview them when you interview them it's really great because you spend 30 minutes or 45 minutes with them in a room talking and it's kind of like you're starting you know a relationship and then you kind of say hey by the way I have this product would you mind if I you know would you mind you know look at it and kind of would you mind if I had it like your endorsement to your you know but you know too much to the product page and if they say yes that one line endorsement will add so much social proof to your product that it will immediately increase sales another thing you can do is if your product is featured in some kind of like a big public place like maybe on some a television show or maybe you want something radio show or maybe on some big podcasts or something else right away adds that as seen on CNBC I've seen on CBS right huge right and none of your competitors will have that right so right away you can that you are right away a premium brand you can charge more you will sell more you have more trust because you're not just Joe right some small mom-and-pop Joe you are yes you don't see PSA you are on TV right so those are some of the ways that you will increase your social proof right on your sales page boost sales and actually allow you to maybe charge higher prices.

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