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Add shopping cart and sell right from your site. Wordpress vs Magento vs Shopify

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: If you decide to sell products from your website and decide to really you know kind of give that a go here's what you're going to be faced with there's gonna be this there's gonna be a decision because you're going to need to use software to enable the sales this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy if ok here's how the decision works ok if you just have one or two or three or five products so essentially you're not a really de commerce store you just happen to be a different kind of a business may be a Content you know focus business or a different kind of business but you just happen to have products like me you know I'm not a store but I happen to have products right like digital products I'm working on some physical products things like that right but I'm not a store at least my main site isn't like a store where people check outright because if I actually want to sell something let's say I sell my udemy courses well I send people to my udemy page so there's no reason for me to have a shopping cart for you to me right same thing about books there's no reason for me to have a shopping cart I just send people to Amazon so that's the consideration right if you sell products that can be sold somewhere else like udemy courses Amazon books things like that you really don't need a shopping cart solution now let's say you want to sell an online course just like in udemy but from your own site let's not discuss you know the decision process I mean there's there can be many kinds of products you can want to sell from your own site like let's say for the example you create a high-end sort of like fashion brand and you don't want to be on Amazon because on Amazon you feel like your brand will be tarnished because your brand is a higher-end brand it's like a Couture or something like that right I really you know so you don't want to be on Amazon you want to sell it from your own super branded site ok well you know if you have a product line if you have like one product you sell you probably or you know a couple of designs ok you probably are okay with just getting a Wordpress plugin because WordPress is probably the easiest thing to do SEO and them have so many other plugins for other kinds of things you want to do so really WordPress will be the most flexible and it partly powers like 20% of all sites on the web so it's hard to go wrong now if you have a full store okay like a full product line then you might want to build not on website and not on WordPress but you might want to build on a kind of an eCommerce store solution right so then the consideration becomes do you use something called like Magento or Shopify or a number of these other frameworks they all are going to create a nice store for you the difference with them is in the details right so you understand the decision-making before right yours if your products can be sold elsewhere on other side set the fun on people there if your products need to be if you have only a few products you want to sell from your site just use a Wordpress plugin for e-commerce it's probably it's free to start and as far as I recall and there are a few options most of them are free and it's really easy to get going you can create something like that in less than a day but if you know that the decision is really if you decide to have a full-blown store traditionally that the solution has been Magento something called Magento it's like a framework you just it's kind of like exactly like WordPress but it's it's like think of it as WordPress for building an e-commerce store so WordPress can be like for building a blog for view the content side magenta would be for building a full commerce store now in recent years their Magento I guess not so much in recent years but in recent years is just doing more of it when Gento has a bunch of competitors now there are new startup II kind of site and one of the and Here I am hovering over an article that compares the 10 best posted e-commerce solutions as you can see so that you don't have to take my word for it I mean this is well researched I obviously am just one person I would not have been able to use all of them so I'm gonna point you to another article and I'm gonna talk about a few of these so these are all shopping carts as you can see these guys list Magento first and I'll have the link to this right after the video so Magento first for these guys then woah Commerce which is a popular thing and I'll let you read the pros and cons on your own because I'm gonna bore you with it it'd be something you can go through then there's exam card blah blah blah it just goes down the line really just they're a little bit too similar to really you know because what do you really need you need to manage your inventory you need to manage newsletters discounts it's really common from for like most stores like 95 per cent of the stores all these website solutions have all the features you will need sometimes the price is you know the difference is with price and butter now Shopify is not listed here for some reason open card listing but I'm going to mention it here because Shopify is a really good one and there's another article that I would also link to it compares Shopify versus Magento and in my mind, these are two of the leaders if I was deciding on what on building an e-commerce store these would be the first two sides Lucca they are the most reputable the only thing I want to show you look at this dear Magento go versions and Magento goes there is Magento squared solution on February 20, 2015, they're shutting down and they are going to focus on their Community Edition and their Enterprise Edition I haven't used those to be honest so I'm gonna let you kind of research them maybe one of them is for you the enterprise one sounds like it's for bigger sites which if you probably watching this video this might not be the right thing for you but the Community Edition might be because it sounds like they're gonna take advantage of more social media and things so so the consideration would still be probably this Magento go edition versus that sacrifice so now you understand the shopping cart okay also there's another kind of category and there's another category of sites that can enable commerce and they are sort of Squarespace Weebly or even something called weeks and even GoDaddy okay I'm gonna group GoDaddy into this GoDaddy actually will let me actually talk a little bit about GoDaddy separately I would not use it okay they do provide you with e-commerce solutions they have a great tech support but I've never seen a nice store built on top of a nice e-commerce store built on top of GoDaddy they are they have the solution but its clunky and it's really not good but most people see the trick the most people the trap most people fall into is they buy their URL at GoDaddy and because of that GoDaddy gets to upsell all sorts of like web design product shopping cart product but these are like really low quality in terms of the overall industry these are not the industry leaders so you can be fine purchasing your domain name and GoDaddy but don't fall for don't get sold their e-commerce or another kind of solutions because there are better options okay so that's what I have to say about GoDaddy can because a lot of people do fall into this trap now the other that that category of the product of e-commerce solutions I wanted to mention is square sin square shapes they have Squarespace and Weebly they are going to give you a beautiful looking inside they specialize in pretty templates for Squarespace the e-commerce solutions is resolution is relatively new I'm filming this in December 2014 and we Squarespace's economy solution is I think it's less than you're less than a year old so again if you have just one product or a couple of products it's probably okay to UM use Squarespace but in my mind's very not flexible you know because you're not yeah you when I've used it the designs are great it's you will get beautiful sight but I personally found things to be not so flexible so and Weebly and weeks are sorts of like second in quality in that category so I wouldn't really use even though it's possible I wouldn't use that category off-site to build your e-commerce solution right I would go depending on your needs WordPress or Magento or Shopify and you should be just fine you should really just be just fine those are fantastic solutions for whatever kinds of things you need so that's it and I think you're pretty much said you understand how this will work.

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