Door to door marketing

Door to door marketing (for few local businesses or selling home products)

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's talk about door-to-door marketing and I know that it's less popular now less people ask about it but still some people do ask about it and in some situations and in for some kinds of products and services it's still effective this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy especially when you're trying to do the online marketing strategies and they're not really working and this is just a way to supplement your effort especially if you're selling products and you have some inventory leftover this might be a good way to sell some inventory so when is this helpful well if you have products so if you're trying and e-commerce business and your products helped with something for the home maybe cleaning maybe something else maybe organizational then of course those are great candidates to sell in door-to-door marketing additionally products that maybe help something with your neighborhood or community those can be good like situations if you want to support a local team or something like that but really people pay for things that directly benefit them those things are ideal and of course in addition to products if you sell local services like home repair services handyman services lawn care services cleaning services of course you can promote all those online and you should try to do that but the other option is door to door as well and some people ask well when do you go whenever you think that the perspective buyer is there so if you sell something to like stay-at-home parents well then maybe during the day is fine but if you sell something to like wealthy professionals maybe during the evening when they're home because during the day they're probably working and you want to start off with affluent or middle-class areas where you go because they have just more stuff they buy more services they buy bigger homes that just need more things in them and more services now let's talk a little bit about what kind of script you should have first of all you gotta look friendly dress professionally and be enthusiastic about what you are selling come with a big smile and good energy then the little script is hi my name is so-and-so I'm selling what you're selling is what you should do and quickly say what the benefits are this way it's only gonna take you about 10 to 15 seconds to say this and the person's gonna realize I don't want it or I or I'm somewhat interested and then you will ask them I'd like to only take a minute of your time and to tell you about it is that okay if you've sparked any interest in them then asking for like 30 seconds or a minute of their time that's the next step if they say yes explain why it's cheaper why your product is better and how you might be able to refill the supplies right because let's say they buy something now like let's say laundry detergent while they buy something now that means they have to go to Amazon or something or the store they have to pay for the shipping all that and you will tell them no I'm actually literally gonna bring it to your house so you make it actually more convenient for them and there's specific places where they might where this might work like if you live if you live in a busy metropolitan area this is probably not as good because people don't even open the door but if you live in like a rural community that actually might work a little better and in all cases if they say yes and or no you should ask do you mind if I leave my business card if they say yes one thing that's good to contain on your business card is some kind of a suggestion first order gets 10% off so that they might save that card in case for in the future they might need it they're like well I can get a 10% off and so they'll save it and it will serve as a reminder to them so that's approximately how to do it I'm personally not an expert in door-to-door marketing but this is something that people ask about so this is just the very basics of it.

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