Amazon Kindle keyword research part 2

Amazon Kindle keyword research, categories and search Part 02

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Try different variations of keywords and you know maybe repeating them not stuffing them but repeating them in a nice way so that you can tell them as only hey this is what the app for the book is about this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and then Amazon gives you a spot to give to add seven different keywords as you can see mine are mobile app realization mobile app marketing mobile apps promote Android app promote iPhone app mobile app business so let's see how this is going to work so let's see where am I see I don't know this search uh if I don't know if my app my book is going to rank so my app so release my book is number one I think this is an easy search because there's no you know so let's look at here so for example maybe this and this is a mini this is a really good live example because this is actually something that I actually need so where was that term that I liked so app store marketing has very little volume right 7d searches so this is very very little but the same time it's not nothing because we are in a nature don't forget and then I have I'm gonna plug in my keyword and see you know I think this keyword actually has less demands c20 so these are pretty not so a good keyword so I have to do a little bit of a better job keyword research and let's try if Android has any more demand huh that's interesting she enjoyed this so maybe what I'll do where is that term that I like absolutely development good Google Android apps Oh No his App Store marketing right that's what it was absorbed oh you see that this is really good because App Store optimization is actually something that we should be targeting just look at this this is had pretty good and this is exactly one of our and app store SEO so I'm actually missing a lot of the good keywords so what I'll do is I'll add app store SEO and I labs App Store optimization and I'll actually do that in another way so let's go back to first of all let's get rid of promote iPhone app because that gives us too little of volume and let's instead of that I'm gonna paste App Store optimization and then instead of the promote Android app I'm going to do F store SEO and you know what I actually want to do I'm also I know that I'm also number one for this mobile app business so because I'm already number one for it just let's just check oh why am I not interesting maybe that was a mistake of mine maybe actually that's one of the search things I wanted to target but ideally here's the thing you don't have to cram every possible key word in here because that is the whole purpose of having a longer description so we can add more keywords right so you see that ASL basically App Store optimization and SEO search engine optimization so we're covering both and you know if this was a if I was doing this mostly for myself I will actually rewrite the description and talk more keywords in there but for now I'm just going to save and continue and basically you don't need you know we don't need the rest of this because we understand now now if you follow these steps you would be this will get you pretty far in in into being pretty good at categories and app store SEO in fact if you really follow my advice like I'm actually a very you know not to toot my own horn but I'm pretty good I'm quite good at ASO is you know search SEO so if you follow my SEO advice you'll be ahead of most book publishers I promise you because most people do not go through this kind of detail that I just went through they really don't and probably if you're watching this is chances are you wouldn't have right tell me the truth so you can see that there is some you know you can get pretty far and you can target many keywords and get this covered now this isn't the only way to get discovered let's talk about our friend Google so on Google I'll show you so there are a couple of ways to get on book onto Google right so I have a book about starting a business it's actually this book and it's just an example that I had kind of really prepared and that's why I so this is the book it's a book about going from business ideas to starting a business right pretty simple [Music] so what you can do is promote this book on Google there are two main ways there well there's not too many ways but there's two ways that I like but there's multiple ways first of all you can rank in Google with your website here's my own website that that promotes this book and you can promote it with the video on YouTube now unfortunately this is not my video I've been trying to get one of my videos stupid to beat this video but nevertheless because this will be in my video explaining my business book right but instead YouTube is promoting this video of a different book nevertheless this is a good example that you can see that a video can get into Google and also a video can help promote you in YouTube because YouTube is also a big search engine so you that will help you reach a lot more people and get people to discover you and so you have a webpage about you and you can have a video now you can also so these are kind of like the strategies promotional strategies for search that I like this takes advantage of Google and it takes advantage of YouTube and it takes advantage of Kindle and Amazon search this is perfect because those are gigantic platforms but if you leverage correctly you will get a lot of downloads now this is it for that let's talk about now how to get downloads by getting the word out right publicity publicity is like a whole big different anymore I can't talk up you know I can't talk about it at length but you can do a few things people you know start to promote things on social media blogs you can give a blue city by there's a website called Haro help a reporter out there's a website called radio guest list calm where you can become a radio guest for own podcasts another kind of radio and promote your book you can also advertise to promote your book on different you know any kind of media things like that I have a full publicity course and because I have a full blue city course I know just how much there is to say about publicity lastly I do want to mention that you want to maybe write a press release and go through that whole kind of thing but again it's you know writing it's not like I'm going to be able to explain to you how to successfully write a press release in this short video so let's end things here and then for for strategies in which you will you know kind of get the word out those strategies maybe you'll find in my other videos.

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