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Amazon Kindle keyword research, categories and search Part 01

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Hey guys how are you in this video I'm gonna talk about ways to promote your book on Amazon and the Kindle this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and there are two main types of ways there's going to be the way that people find you right so you want to enable people to discover your book easily and then once you optimize those strategies then as I call it you gotta get on your horse and you gotta get the word out about your book right so these are two very different approaches one is you gotta set up your book to get easily discovered by the most possible people have could discover your group that would love it and they would buy it because that's easy because once you get that rolling is just a natural inbound kind of stream of people every day that you set it up once correctly and then don't really have to touch anymore and that's great because that frees up your time to promote the book and by other means so first let's talk about how to get those paths those inbound marketing strategies going so that people find you and then we'll talk about how the extra ways to promote the book so also first and foremost we've got to get the most out of what I call negative platforms and it's basically a term that I kind of call for you know whatever your product is whatever its native its most native natural platform is obviously for Amazon books the most natural platform is and the Kindle so there are two ways people will discover your books there one is from searching for things and the other is from category listings so let me show you how I have it set up for myself and I'm gonna give you an example of one of my books this is my mobile app marketing book um you know it's not the best book by any means but for this little niche it's the the top book for you know if you want to learn mobile app marketing and mobile optimization for this little niche this is the best book for that but as you can see that it doesn't take a lot to become the best nature only has like 10 reviews it's not so it's not a bestseller by any means but at the same time it does okay for itself so I'll use this book as an so first let me show you the categories that I mentioned right and this is by the way this screen is the inside of the Kindle setup so I'll mention the category because it's easy and then I'll talk about search because that search is a little bit more complex so we are the category so I'm currently experimenting with column categories I don't know that these are the best for me for this book but that's the idea you get you get to choose two categories and you want to choose the categories that best fit what your boat is and the trick is there's two tricks really it's simple but there are some nuances what you want to do is yes you want to find the ideal category for you but if your book is you know if it's not gonna be a big bestseller if it has a somewhat of a ceiling if it's not gonna be a tremendous book you might want to consider choosing you know pastures which are less crowded right so if I if I chose like some of the most like coolest and most cut most crowded categories I might not have a chance to really get visible there you know I might be stuck between many good books so in a way what if you were like an independent author you don't have a lot of marketing budget or you don't have a lot of marketing experience you may want to consider taking a look at categories which are a little bit less crowded and you can do that by literally browsing to the categories and seeing what the top books are because some of the times the top books you know if the top book has like 3000 reviews okay that's gonna be hard to compete with but the top book has maybe 50 or 20 reviews then you know okay it's not gonna be easy to compete but it's certainly doable and that's what you want to be you want to be at doable because if it's too easy to compete then probably there is a no demand at all so something like that right and as you can see I'm gonna go back to my book so for these categories you can tell again I'm not you know it's not the best book by any means right but I am number nine in one of the categories and I'm numbered you know 50 so it's not the best but and this is a very new book by the way as you can see I really just relaunched it on this date so it's only a couple months and the book is still kind of getting its bearings and you know sweet and in general you see it has a long way to go here anyway so this type of a book would never rank well here because it's it's kind of a niche it's not something for everyone you know it's a niche so there's limited demand but it certainly could dominate particular categories eventually anyway so you get you guys get the idea with the categories you gotta set it up and try to try to amplify sales because the way you move up in the categories is by sales okay now you want you can boost your sales by getting people people to discover your book in search and the way you do that is you have to do a couple things you have to make sure that you're you do your keyword research research the kind of keywords you want to rank for and then you want to have a title that's full of your keywords and a description of your keywords now if your book is something that has a really nice catchy cool title don't change it keep it like nice and catchy in my case it's a kind of a practical book so I was able to I was able to put a lot of keywords in here the people will search right mobile app marketing organization promote mobile apps you see it right because the people who would search these terms are the kind of people that would love this book so my title is geared very much for SEO or them right on Amazon okay and some of the ways I'll show you how to find some of the keywords sometimes what's really easy you can just this is my other book I'm just using this as a screen to get ideas because Amazon will actually tell you what's in demand what the searches are right so you go app and then okay it's not development it's not inventor it's not for PC but look if you look at it certainly marketing right F marketing is a big one now what if I do you can do a nothing here maybe analytics maybe not right but if you go and you see there's another app making app monetization right so you can see how you can get a lot of keyword ideas from just this and then once you do get keyword ideas what you can do is Google Keyword tool and then you go to the keyword tool this is a part of Adwords just quickly I'll show you how to search search let's say app money is a Shawn and it tells you what it what this is Google this is not Amazon but but but Amazon doesn't provide a tool like this so we have to approximate it so you can see acquisition it does not a lot of people search for this what about F marking marketing okay now that's a little better it's not great but then you can also took it take a look at other ideas with these keywords right so and you can get so like I mentioned before this is a niche so there's not a tremendous amount of demand but you can gather all of these right and try to aim for long tail searches you know searches with all these words like app apps market marketing app store marketing right actually I don't have the store I might actually want to include that somewhere right and I'll show you how to include it right so let's get a few keywords so I like this app store mmm let's see what else I have marketing strategies so how about apps app store marketing and app marketing strategy so well you know you can put some keywords in your title and a subtitle right those are the keywords that are there are heavily weighted for SEO and if you want to keep those clean you can describe your app and if you have a longer description you can naturally put more keywords in there I mean those keywords will not really have to be there because that's what the book is about so dirty so this is my description um let's see Amazon allows you to make this thing a little bigger okay that's nice um and I wanna see you know like um get the book and how about you know see what you can do is really provide an actual description and then look look for spots where it might be natural to add a keyword for example you know this has get the book the UM a pro store marketing and start increasing the downloads of your app as early as today right so this is a natural way to add keyword and you can see that we just added them we just added the app store marketing keyword into the description so this is kind of a nifty thing so if you have a longer description you get a lot of spots where you can.

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