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Ads options overview and when to run them

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: This course mostly focuses on organic marketing strategies that are free but a lot of people do ask about ads and it's a common early question among the entrepreneur so we're gonna focus on it a little bit I'm gonna give you my best overview of it without getting into too many details because again it's this is not specifically an ads course this video is brought to you by Abbie pies Academy but because organic marketing strategies can take some time and entrepreneurs deal with stress because they get no traffic what to do and so there is a really common impulse off buying ads and ads have a very compelling promise because of course you want to put a dollar in and advertise for a dollar and hopefully get $2 out and if you can do that you can run unlimited ads and grow your business that way no need for organic strategies the main problem is that you get you put a dollar in and you get a penny out in most situations it's really hard to run at profitably because most of the ads are expensive it's hard to create ads that are effective at conversion and so on and so on there are just a lot of challenges with them of course if you listen to pseudo experts or fake experts on YouTube they're gonna send you to do Facebook ads and blah blah blah but actually most of the time you have to be a lot more conservative so I am usually very conservative and careful about recommending ads to my clients to my students because you know if you just if you just blindly run ads it's like the fastest way to lose money so I would recommend that to wait for at least two things and that is first you have to know your lifetime value of a customer sometimes denoted by LTV and you only get to know that after being in business for a while you only can know how much money you can spend on ads after you know how much your average customer brings you and it's not just their initial purchase it's how many purchases they make during their customer lifespan or at least their first six months for their first year or at least a month and of course you always have to maximize that maximizing your LTV will not only make your ads profitable will make your business profitable it's just a good practice for your business and the second thing you have to do before you make sure that your website or your sales funnel or wherever you're driving your traffic to is actually well-made and highly converting and one mistake I see early intrapreneurs make is they create the ads themselves I would recommend to go on a freelancing site and hire a designer to create the visuals for you and them our end the ads materials because if you create an ad or like a video or a image there's just not very attractive because you're not a designer and you just made it kind of by hacking it but it's not it is it doesn't look great it's gonna decrease the effectiveness of the ad now what kind of ads should you run there are so many options right Facebook Ads Google Ads LinkedIn at YouTube ads too many options there is one no-brainer and that is retargeting ads these are ads if you're not familiar with that with that term you've seen these ads being shown to you a lot of times on the web these are basically like if you go to or any other big web site and whether you buy or not if once you leave that site for some reason you go on Facebook and then you see an ad for that company shown to you on Facebook and you go somewhere else on the web and then you see that ads shown to you that company whose site you originally visited is running a retargeting ad that is trying to bring you back to their site these ads are very good because they target what's called warm leads they target people who have already been on their site have shown some interest because they've been on their site and these kinds of ads are typically cheaper to run and they're more effective because they draw warm leads and usually you can't spend that much money running these ads anyway because they only care get people who have already been on your web sites to it so it's not like it's gonna get shown to millions of people most likely you have a relatively small audience who've already visited your site so you're not gonna break the bank running these ads and you can run retargeting ads on Facebook Google Instagram all the major popular platforms there's other kinds of ads some people just want to run ads to boost their engagement for their posts on so Media or something like that there's two benefits of that first of course you get a little bit of a boost for your SEO if your social posts get shared more get seen more have more activity so it's actually an indirect SEO benefit but also it's good for your branding if you have a Facebook page and every post has zero likes zero comments it doesn't look good but if you run a little bit of ads to get some likes and to get some comments or if you have Instagram and like you boost your posts a little bit to get a little engagement then it suddenly makes your Facebook page or Instagram look much more attractive so it makes your personal brand look like it has more engagement and then next people who come they see wow there's a lot of engagement here must be interesting and and they'll be more likely to follow you as well and so that actually will help you organically and naturally grow your social media accounts and a lot of people ask well can I just buy like a thousand or ten thousand Instagram followers or Facebook fans or likes from some agency that sells fake likes there's really almost no need to do that because you can run engagement ads for very very cheap for pennies sometimes for a cent if you run ads to countries where advertising isn't expensive so for example if you advertise you know in the United States or the Western world it's the ads are very competitive so they're expensive but if you advertise and I'm sorry for the term like for in third world countries and I don't like using that term but there's just not a good way to there's no other good term to use this so like maybe countries that are very very impoverished of course advertisers aren't bidding to run their ads there so you can run as there for pennies and get a lot of engagement very cheaply and your account will look like it has a lot of activity so so that way you get actual real people to engage with your brand and you don't need to go to some fake agencies to buy fake likes or followers or anything like that these would be real people at least now let's talk about other types of ads just to make it easier to understand I would separate the different ads into two categories push ads that you just show the people who are cold leads and you don't know much about them or or you think you do but you at the end of the day it's hard to know like if they're really shopping or pull ads so this pool versus push the pool is usually what they're searching when they're typing something into the search engine they're telling the search engine two things what they want and when they want it so we know a lot about them we don't have to guess if you guess all my potential customers are between 40 and 50 years old and they like sports and they don't like this and that that those our guess is more or less but the search based paradigms there's a lot of things you know for a fact because they're literally putting that into the search engine so when you look at ads on YouTube YouTube has search and you can run search ads those are fantastic search I like for a lot of types of things because these people we already know what they want and the timing is perfect for them especially for people who are shopping for something and you can also run display ads kind of just showing your ad before other videos play I like those a little less but search based ads I like and overall YouTube is very cheap per view you can get a lot of use for pennies on the other hand LinkedIn these ads are expensive it's often costs dollars per click and for most businesses they're rarely used but if you target some kind of a b2b situation that might be applicable for you but in most cases they are not a high priority of course Google search is probably the most popular type of ad that there is it's good because again you know what the people want and for that reason they're really good leads but it can be very expensive in most niches dollars per click very often and of course there's a different kind of a Google search type of ads specifically for products I'm gonna quickly show you what those are so you know what I'm talking about I just searched for a product based search for example I said buying grout cleaning product grout is just kind of a easier to specific cleaning so what you see here is these pictures they look like Google Images almost but they're not you see it says sponsor these are actually ads for products and if you look at it you'll see Bloomingdale's so essentially these are actually product ads so if you sell a product on your site there it's very likely that these ads can work for you and these are Google Shopping ads you see on the bottom here these are typical Google ads so I'm not saying that for products you should run these kinds of ads but certainly these kinds of ads these are specifically made if you are selling something and you can check out on your site also a lot of people ask about Facebook ads that's the very hot topic today of course you have to understand the difference between Facebook ads from a page and from a group if you have a Facebook group you cannot run ads if you have a Facebook page you can run Facebook Ads from Facebook pages typically pages have less organic engagement on posts and groups have more organic engagement on posts but you cannot run ads to the groups so you have to populate groups in different ways but for Facebook pages like a business page you can run ads from there and of course Facebook owns Instagram so you can run Facebook and Instagram ads from the same set up it would be the Facebook ad manager you can just Google for that the problem with Facebook is that you don't know if the timing is right for your customer kind of the same as LinkedIn you can target them sure but maybe they'll see your ad when they're in line in a store or they're watching some cat video you have no idea you don't know if they're shopping like for example socks how many times are people shopping for socks per year maybe a couple of times a year maybe the total of like 30 minutes per year so it's impossible to get a timing right with Facebook but you get the timing right perfectly every time with Google and that's why I tend to always prefer Google based ads on search based ads and that's why I always prefer search based ads if they're applicable and of course you want to ease into ads don't overspend right away and experiment because just plowing into it and co and running ads is most likely gonna not be profitable where ads become profitable is like a multi-layered approach where you really figure out you're targeting then retarget and then hone in on your target market and then eventually kind of have like a multi-layered multi ad type of situation where you hit your potential customers with multiple kinds of ads at multiple times and then they warm up to you and then they engage especially on social media on search based paradigms it's different because if they're shopping and searching for something they're more ready to buy but still it's a it's more complicated than other people make it out to seem so experimenting slowly and being persistent with it long term you'll get it right and you'll run as profitably but just trying it losing a couple hundred dollars and then quitting that just doesn't get anyone far so hopefully that's been a good ad overview for you so that you can know what to expect from each kind of ad and when to run them.

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