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Selling full ready-made businesses instead of domains only

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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: The next step after getting your good domain names and selling them is trying to sell them for more money if you can put the website up instead of just selling your domain name sell domain name with a ready-made website or blog or business so that whoever's buying it from you has you know they can start it on paying one and you can either learn how to do WordPress yourself and just put together a few nice themes on WordPress and it should be once you get up and running it should be only a couple of hours of extra work per website but you can also outsource this for no more than 50 or 100 dollars people people freelancers online will put together for you a very nice WordPress website you can definitely get it for like under $100 on up work and also I want to show you fiber if you're not familiar with those sites most people online or doing business are totally familiar with these sites but just in case you're not familiar in both of these sites especially of work there's such a the environment is so competitive for these freelancers that the price has gotten really down and they will definitely for you can if you put an order out if you put a job request out people will bid on it and you can get somebody who's good to put together an entire site for you for a hundred dollars and then you can turn around and sell that site for much that nice domain with a site now that looks beautiful you can sell that for much more on sites where you would sell it and that way you can have your business would be more robust that the domain selling business will be more robust because you wouldn't be just selling domains you would also be selling full ready ready-made ready to go businesses.

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