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Domain grabbers and how to prevent them

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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: Video I want to tell you about something called domain grabbing hot in how to prevent it first of all what's the main grabbing its son sometimes this happens doesn't happen all the time but let's say you search for a domain in some domain registrar right registrar plays and then you come back to it later and it's bought it's taken in it's stolen from you because they're people who spying on domain searches and then buy up good domains and then squat on them and just keep them so that you would want to buy them from the domains from them so it's a negative tactic and the way to prevent this for in a lot of domain registrar's like GoDaddy they they participate with them so and then one of the worst offenders in working with domain grabbers and by the way a lot of the examples in this course use GoDaddy that's just to use an example in your case what I would recommend is the online what's considered to be a safe place is this instant domain search calm and what you want to do the way to use this do not like for example when you search a domain if I say like test obviously shows you that it's not taken but if I say ABC if it shows you what's taken and it shows you what's available and for how much and then if I put some gibberish obviously that's not gonna be taken and you can even buy this for $0.99 which is very cheap and then what would you want to do you only want to buy it's gonna actually take you to go Daddy but you never want to click this until you're ready to buy and that way you won't get your domain name grab now in my case whenever I've looked for domains I've never had it stolen but a student in this course brought up that possibility that it could be stolen so now I'm making this video just to make sure like do not search on GoDaddy this course just users go that is an example but there's a million places that are that that you can search using but I recommend this one because it's considered to be safe if you don't actually until you could buy and only clean buy until you read and prior to that basically is you just it just it updates as you go so you don't have to click anything you can look at the results that it shows you and in my opinion the fear of these domain grabbers is a little bit overblown but just to be safe you use instant domain search and I'll have the URL to this website in the resources section of this video so that you can go there and use this for your domain research only.

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