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How to make money selling domains & creating websites to sell for big profits

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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: So now that you're good at getting domains  you have two options which are both pretty cool you can sell domains directly right this is the simplest thing you buy a domain right let's say you buy one you find good ones and it lets h1 cost you ten dollars right maybe it's full of maybe seven whatever okay so you bought it right minimal price now there is this website I see do okay what do they do buy and sell domains very nice you can also park domains and make a little bit of money but whatever let's just talk about buying and selling in our case selling so you can see that these domains um right so you've seen in the course domains just like this right two English words together I mean look this person wants a thousand dollars I'm not sure they're gonna get it or not or what you know but certainly if it cost you ten dollars I mean and you buy it you can find maybe using my method you can find in a day you can find countless domain names right and then you buy them I wouldn't recommend buying a ton of them at once I would just recommend sort of starting this slowly you know by one or two it's very reasonable maybe one two three four five it's a very reasonable investment and the reason I don't recommend you do it just once is because you want to get like gather sale data right how does this donate type of the main sell how does this type of the main so right so hmm so you know you want to gather sales data and five or ten or whatever you know a few domain names will give you nice sales data to see whether you're gonna be able to sell them and so right so look at this I mean this is like what is this room these are like pretty bad than me okay these are pretty bad domain names I don't know biotech but bio I don't see that CH with a number right so I mean I I showed you how to get way better domains than a lot of these so what's gonna happen is basically try selling them right so any amount of almost any sale will be a profit because you bought it for $10 and you're selling it for you know however what you can get maybe a couple hundred maybe even fifty and in the worst case scenario if you cannot if you cannot sell the domain name here within a couple of days if you buy the domain names of GoDaddy I think they have a five day or a seven day or a ten day return policy so yeah you actually don't need to risk spending the money right if you see that domain name is not selling you can just get a refund on your domain name so really there is no financial risk for you.

Now let me show you another cooler thing and there is a number of websites that sell domain names and by itself so it's a very big like common business online to solve the main names not a big deal but let me show you so you can find this is just see though is one example of this but there's other websites for doing this and there's many forums I mean you'll find a lot but I don't want to spend too much time here because there is a cooler way to go okay so this is basic so this is basic now let's go to the cooler strategy okay so let's talk about flippa it's originally for mobile apps but you can see this they have domain names as well and web sites right and what you can do so you bought a domain name right now it's actually pretty easy to not just have a domain name but to set up a basic WordPress website guess how much it cost you extra zero and once you become good at it like the first couple of times it will take you a little bit of time but once you become good at creating WordPress websites you can crank them out in a day right maybe there's just a couple of hours right because most of your websites will probably have this very similar design because you're not gonna want to use it you're gonna want to sell it and so here you go you're gonna have a really nice domain name we need a full website on top of it right and guess how much it cost you then and only a couple of hours of work right once you become good and then you can sell it for hundreds of dollars right so how would you like to make hundreds of dollars for just a couple of hours of work well this would be right so this is smart and so now you're getting into a really smart category where you your savvy and getting domains your savvy are telling them and your savvy at making them look way better than they are if you think about the best analogy is probably in real estate so think about you know if you buy if you like let's say there's a house for sale and it's like a hundred thousand dollars and it's beat-up right well what there's a big business and making the house look better right remodeling the house and everything and maybe spending like fifty thousand dollars to make that house look really awesome right put in a new kitchen put in a new bathroom make everything look beautiful and new and then you can sell the house for like instead of it was a hundred thousand dollars you can sell the house for like maybe 250 or 300 thousand dollars so essentially you have a property which is your house or in the web case it's the domain and then what you do is you do the remodeling right and the remodeling will be remodeling for the house or it will be putting up a website and making it look all nice and sharp and beautiful and with a awesome design that you will get from WordPress and then BOOM right right away you have this really valuable look in property beautiful website beautiful domain name ready to go it's like a ready to go business right you can just you know a personal day one can start with that business everything set up and then so right away you have all the elements and you made it look like there's tremendous amount of value where there really isn't right like yesterday there was no domain no website but you just figured out how to make everything look professional beautiful great and people who want to buy that right and so for just a couple of hours of work once you once you become good at this it will only really take you a couple of hours of work every day and you can be making hundreds of dollars right I mean this is an awesome awesome business so that's essentially the strategy and I'll leave you with that to go and make a lot of money.

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