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Example of how to find premium domain names and get them for free

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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: In this video I'm gonna show you my creative process and this is my own creative process it's not some standard thing out there something that I started came up with and it really works well I'll show you in a second of the processes of how to find good domain names really good domain names really three things one is this thesaurus calm when we get creative and we need additional similar words the other thing we'll need is basically which is basically a place where you can look for if I go and go it's basically a place where you can enter domain names and it will tell you if that name is available or not for example you can see I enter test comm and it says it's taken there are more powerful tools than this but for our purposes here this will be more than enough and you'll see why and the third tool I'll need is I'll need your openness and creativity because that's the number one biggest tool of all let me show you I spent about 10 to 15 minutes preparing for this lecture look at the domains that I found in different industry so if you want to have a business website it's usually one would think it's nearly impossible to have a business website but I found easy business lessons after a minute or so of searching and so I found a few domains that made up the total of 15 minutes I'll show you what they are and then so easy business lessons this if you're selling online courses any kind of business training any thing business-related this might be a fit and you can see it's eleven dollars and then you can use the lecture earlier in the course and you can make this domain three or four dollar and then you can see business planning is another very very very competitive industry and all I did was see I added ABC and it's available right away whereas if I said business planning it's already taken and so sometimes just just to get back to this the lesson here is that sometimes you can get your keywords your main your main keywords that you want to have or move the main idea that you want to convey in your domain name and then you can just add a little bit of something a little bit of like like I did ABC you can add like a fun little ending you can things like that right away make many domains available so it doesn't have to be that hard.

Now I also made a challenge for myself I wanted to use the word money money is extremely hard to get domain names that have the word money because it's such a money is obviously a very lucrative sort of thing and here I have stacking money was not was not available but you see stacking money Pro is available and easy stacking money if we search you see actually it's available but you see it's a premium domain it's $1,500 which actually tells us that we're on the right track this is a premium domain and all you ghosts if stacking money will cost you $1500 all you do is add the word Pro in there boom you can get it for free right remember how you can get the domains free or for a dollar so essentially you can get a what's really close to a $1,500 domain for free boom another one money artist so money artistry or like if I do something like money art or something like that it's available it's not available sorry but if I did money artistry you see it's a very nice domain name actually it conveys intelligence and conveys deep skill and experience and boom you can get it for if you if you're a financial analyst or anything or financial advisor or an accountant boom I mean this is a fantastic domain name for that kind of a business and again you can get it for free even though it says here at 1199 and we know that you can get it cheaper now let's go through more now if you like look at this you wanted different different feel anything with exercise I want anything exercising you see five thousand dollars okay we're not going to spend that all we're doing is exercise exercise ish just to make it kind of fun it's obviously not a brand for everyone but if you're a brand let's say you you're having exercise classes or you exercise products for people who don't love exercise first of all those people they would love the brand exercise ish because that's their life right they're not professional athletes they're kind of exercise ish they're not fully into it so it's kind of funny it's kind of catchy and look at that you can get it for it's available you can see basic domain so you can get it for free essentially and now look at this I want to show you also if you wanted to get examples of the premium domain names remember like money artistry look at that money skills $25,000 and if you can get money artistry which is absolutely no worse in all you had to do all I did really is you can see I had skill here in the thesaurus I looked in I looked in here and look I got the word artistry right from here you see that it was literally that easy it's not like I thought about it I wish I could say oh I came up with that but really I just looked at it the source it gave me a bunch of ideas and if you use up these ideas and nothing enough you can even look money savvy I bet money savvy is taken but why don't we take a look let's see what happens that this one is taken it is so you see there's a lot of trial and error and when I tried these it took me three four five six times before I stopped trying either domains names that I were like already taken or that were extremely expensive actually until I came up with a domain name that I liked that then I was like oh I can build a business on this I mean.

I mean seriously the like the money artistry if you're an accountant or anything financial advising that's like a beyond amazing I really love it because it's not just a basic good domain it's got the word artistry which conveys so many abstract meaningful things as well so let's do a little of exam a little bit of with a totally new something and you can see my process of looking for this so we did exercise we did money another good industry is carbs I know nothing about cars except that they move so I'm a total novice use you if you if this is your industry you would be a lot better prepared for this than I am so what are we doing with cars one note is that I'm flying blind in terms of I don't know what your brand did you want to convey that I don't predict what kind of thing you're gonna want to convey from your brand so I have to guess so I want to use the word car because that's a super huge challenge for me to find a good domain name that has the word car so what I want in the car I wanted to source for the word awesome awesome car and I'm going to search for the word awesome and I don't know why it gave me the word awful you can see here I don't I can skip the word beautiful I can skip the word breathtaking and actually breathtaking is interesting why don't we do that I mean right there boom breathtaking car it's not like it's not for everything you might ever do with a car in the future but for some things that you're doing in the car industry it's it's just perfectly fine domain it rolls off your tongue fine it's it's it's good English its grammatically correct English and there's a lot of things right about it it's two basic words and we can even do something more creative where why don't we look for breathtaking because I do like the idea of breathtaking even though it's a little bit of a weird like too long of a word so why don't we even expand on that how about I saw the word exciting there oh my god the exciting car now that's even a better domain so you see it's unbelievably easy to find good domain names and if you want to do something funny like you know cars ABC probably that's taken or $800 it's not even bad but it tells us that we're on the right track because this is a highly highly desired premium domain and we can just do something really um car boom okay that's taken or how about booming car that's like it can raise a little bit of a cooler thing so there you go I mean there's so many that's available too there's so many domain names in some of the most competitive lucrative billion-dollar industries and like I found so many that can totally work here and so just use the strategy and you'll have no shortage of good domain names now one thought I want to leave you with don't buy it right away because sit or not think about it because it might sound cool now but you have to live with this domain if your business is successful for years and you want to really think about it and spend more time because you can always find cooler and cooler and cooler and better domains because if this was really my business if I was really starting a business even though I can find a domain in three minutes you want to spend a day or two of doing the same process and find something unbelievably awesome because your domain name is the first impression that you'll give everyone around so I would recommend that you don't jump into it and keep looking for something cooler even if you already find something awesome there is always more and more and more awesome domains you can find using this process.

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