How to find cool and catchy

How to find cool and catchy "startup" domain names

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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: What if you have the connects coolest startup and you want to have a super cool and catchy name in this video that's what we're gonna talk about so startup names they're usually great for early adopters they have to be early adopters or people who are kind of into tack and they like trying new things and they're into this whole like Twitter and you know bitly whatever unusual domains let's say unusual names and what is income what it what are these companies what do they have in common short and catchy names that may or may not even make sense we'll get into that in a second so what you should do is try to right away start thinking about how to abstract out take take into account your mission statement what your company is all about and abstract it out and we're going to talk about that in a second as well and you just pick words that have the essence of what you want to do and the general approximation you want to stay with five to nine characters if it's a that com domain name because there was a whole big thing about 4-letter domain names even ones that don't make sense were bought up by domain hoarders long time ago so for letter domains are hard to get 5 and up letter domains there begin to get a little bit easier and you also want to think about obliteration alliterations our seri are a couple of words that start with the same letter for example Birchbox and the BBB that dad baba that makes it kind of fun and catchy to say and it becomes a little more memorable so I love alliterations are very common in naming things.

In fact just yesterday I was passing by and somebody who was watching something about college basketball it was March Madness and they were like Barclays branch you know or brackets right Barclays brackets and even it's really I always pick up on alliterations when I come across them and so you use now that you know about it you'll see it in that in a lot of names see purposely people try to get catchy things with the starting with the same letter if possible it's hard to do it in a domain but if it's possible that's also fun now you also want to use extensions some of the popular extensions are ily you know bitly that was one of the very first ones that's Co a lot of that Co domains are available guess what that s why I like for example artsy so a lot of little words start to be cued and make sense maybe is not available but art dot C Y as Y was available at one point and it became a cool startup called are cheap and you can do a lot of things especially if you have video or audio that you work that you do then that TV that FM also makes sense now additional now I want to get into how to find these cool brandable names would you what I want you to do is it takes a lot of thinking so it's not something you should want to try to do on in one day give yourself a few days.

What I want you to think about is like I mentioned earlier in this video think of your overall brand think of the essence of your business and type that into the to Saurus comm and see what additional words that gives you and come up with a collection of words once you have a collection of words I'll tell you what you can do with them on top of this slide where you can try to add that you know these dot extensions to the words you have and see if anything makes sense if it doesn't if your word is too big you can always just take one or two syllables from the word that give away the word as a hint but not quite for example I'll get talk I'll talk in a second now I don't actually know what Fitbit v is a syllable that can be in many many words but it can be like Fitness you can be v it can be Fitness so what if you know what if the uu so you can take just one syllable from a couple of words and if you had a couple of word domain which was a little bit too long it wasn't catchy if we just take a syllable from each then it became cool and catchy for example Fitbit also look at this Pinterest is also a combination combination of syllables you can pin things by your interest now it's it's three syllables but still you understand that it's kind of this combination of syllables and so you can just take like just like me found domain names that were that com names what with real names for catchy startup you can have one syllable words or and then you combine to a Facebook also is an example here Pinterest and there are many many many words like names like that you can also if you are creative you can try something with words from other languages like the romantic languages like Spanish Italian and words that are people that people know in English so something that people say in English if it makes sense for whatever industry you're in and what you're doing because admittedly this is very difficult to do but if you pull it off it's super cute and fun and people will remember and you'll stand out with it so these are the ways that you can take traditional longer domains that have full names full English words and play around with the syllables to make it cute and more catchy and more start up be given that feel.

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