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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: Hi there I want to show you an interesting tool that you can use to find domain names or at least get ideas for domain names and it's called domain are calm and I'll have the link to it in the resources section of this lecture but basically the way it works is you type in anything and we'll give you some ideas for example I like make money right make money calm but let's see if you just make money right and it gives you all these interesting things and you can see immediately whether they're available or not on the right side here you can see it says for sale for sale for sale or it's parked or if it's available right so obviously this is a very this would be a very competitive one right maybe that's something about pets you know you can you can basically see a lot of the possible things that are more like pet food and it's gonna start giving you other ideas for it right and some interesting domain names that there are and you know you can pet foods that Co that we would never for example know that even we should check that right like a pet maybe pet food is not available but or even pet food right it's for sale and you can try to buy that so there's a lot a lot of interesting like pets food is not a greater domain because pet food is a great domain right but at the same time pets food it's not the worst um so it's a possibility and we would never know that because it's such a like a random thing right a lot of these domains the choices are so random that we would never think of them but this is don't make this domain or com will give us these ideas and we can check out and maybe will be interesting leads and ideas for further looking into other domains that are related so this is a cool tool try it out when you are looking for domain names.

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