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Why I Love Thrive Architect & Free Checklist

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hi my name is Eric John Campbell and I show you how to use the best entrepreneurial tools to 10x your business and in this video I'm so excited to share with you my favorite tool which is thrive architects and it's a website builder for WordPress I think being able to build a professional looking site quickly is the most valuable skill that an entrepreneur can have today and I've tried pretty much every page builder out there and it was always frustrating I started out with services such as the Wix the Weebly the Squarespace where they really lock you in to this template and if you have an idea of what you want your website to look like you can't really make it happen and I always found that so frustrating and so I needed a more custom solution and I tried learning HTML and CSS and maybe you've tried that as well which is a valuable skill to have but if you think you're gonna build a website from scratch you're crazy because there's so much more easy and efficient ways to build websites and after trying more custom builders such as Divi for WordPress and it still never worked and I had to look up all this stuff on Google and it's frustrating I eventually came across thrive architects and I love it I'm gonna show you in a second because I don't think words can do it justice but seriously it makes building professional websites so much easier and for the first time in my life it's actually fun to build a website so have an idea in my head of what I want that website to look like and then with thrive architects and no coding I'm able to make that website come to life it's freaking awesome so what I want to do now is I want to show you some websites that are built with thrive architects just to give you an idea of how versatile it is you're not locked into a certain theme and just show you the possibility here so this website right here was built entirely using thrive architect and thrive architect is a page builder for WordPress it's a plugin that you install and it allows you to build full pages from scratch now that still doesn't mean it's a theme for WordPress so thrive architect is a plug-in that you install on top of a theme and a theme is the backbone to your wordpress site so the theme that's on this site right now is also from thrive themes now don't worry if this is a little confusing we're gonna show you step-by-step what this means and what it looks like but just know that however you envision your website to look like it's possible using thrive architect and they're especially great at helping you create lead generation on your website so these kind of buttons where things pop up thrive themes and thrive architect does really well now here's another example of a website built using thrive architects and all of these websites are getting tons of traffic and everything that's important about a website is accomplished here so in particular security and loading speed load speed is huge for a website it's as important as the design itself and with thrive architects and if you install the right plugins which I'm gonna show you exactly how to do your website will load super fast and there was some study where if a website takes more than two seconds to load your viewership drops in like half or something crazy because people's attention span is so slow so here's another example of a website hillbilly housewife and it's not the most beautiful site but what I want to show you is it's completely different than the other sites so this is just a typical blog and here's something called duct-tape marketing so I hope this is getting you excited about the potential of thrive architect and if you're not excited yet once we actually start building stuff you're gonna be amazed so before we get into this tutorial I want to show you a PDF that I created and it's the ultimate checklist for creating a website with thrive architects and it takes you from A to Z so I'm assuming that you don't have experience buying a domain name installing WordPress hosting or doing any of those things that it takes to build a WordPress website but if you do have that knowledge then this checklist is going to be a great reference point for you to make sure you don't forget anything important and the way it's built is there's a table of contents and it is broken up into fourteen steps you click on the step you want it asks you some questions or it has some areas for you to fill in key information or it's a checklist of things to do so did you change the domain name servers check did you install WordPress check and then whenever you're ready you can click here to go to the table of contents and move on to the next step so this is what we're going to be following throughout these videos and it's something that you can download for free now I want to show you how you can get this checklist and also two other gifts that I have for you to help you build a thriving architect site quickly and easily so I've created a landing page and to find it just go to Eric Camp backslash ta and this website was also built using thrive architects and what I have here are affiliate links so how affiliate links work if you're not familiar with them is when you click on this link and purchase the product you pay the same price that you would normally pay for the product but I get a percentage of what you pay and this creates an awesome win-win scenario because it incentivizes me to create really high quality free content for you and you also don't have to pay anything for this content and these are tools that you would be buying anyways and you're getting them at the same price now I I want you to know that I didn't select these tools because they have affiliate programs pretty much every online tool today has an affiliate program I have used a bunch of tools and a bunch of wet WordPress page builders different hosting services for WordPress different themes and where to buy your domains and these are my absolute favorite they're the ones that I use personally on every project that I do and so I've put them all here for you and how this works is if you purchase any of these four things by clicking on the link and this will take you to the landing page for that product once you do that you can enter your email here and I'll instantly send you the three gifts that I have for you the first gift is an interactive design code PDF that allows you to easily create a consistent and professional look to your website and this is what it looks like it's your color palette your page width and your fonts for your website and it seems simple but if you just have this by your side on your desk as you create your website it's going to make your whole site look unified because you're using the same colors the same page widths and fonts and it's that secret to make your site look professional now I want to note that I didn't come up with this design code myself this came directly from thrive themes and I include a link here where you can read more about it in their article the next gift I have for you is this PDF checklist and that's what you'll find right here so you'll never miss any step when you're creating your website from scratch and the third gift is all of my thrive architect video tutorials that walk you through the entire process from purchasing that domain to finishing your mobile optimized website so you just buy any of these four things which you're gonna need for following my tutorial anyways and then end your email and you get all these three gifts instantly.

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