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Overview Of Thrive Architect Page Builder

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now that you've got a chance to play with the theme and get your hands on it I want to explain a little bit about how thrive architect works so the way this tool works is the sidebar is gonna be your best friend and on the right hand side is the visual editor so here is always gonna be what your site looks like live and the sidebar is where we can add new elements or if we click on an element so right now I'm clicking on heading we can change the different settings for that element and all of these settings you see here are gonna be common for different elements so for example right now we clicked on the heading and you'll see layout in position background style borders and corners and now I'm going to click on an image and as you can see there's layout in position borders and corners and some other similar ones but there also are some different ones so for example we have image options and image effects and we did not have that when we clicked on the text so that's why this is a tool that can seem more complicated when you're just getting started because with every element you might think that oh there's ten new boxes I have to learn how they work but really there aren't that many different options a lot of these are going to be the same options you see on every single element but then for each element if there's any specific options such as button options then you'll see that when you click on the element so again this is something that if you're just in your head too much and you're just listening to me talk you're gonna forget and it could feel overwhelming but as soon as you start playing with this yourself and you open up some of these options it's gonna make a lot of sense and it's gonna click really quickly the next thing I want to talk to you about is hierarchy so the way this works is you put items inside of other items for example right here I've clicked on the heading and this heading is inside of another element called the background section and background sections give you a lot of control so you can say I want everything inside of this background section to only be 700 pixels wide or you could say I want the color of this background section to be red or green and there's a lot of other things you can do here another really common one is layout in position so if you want to add more padding to the top of your background section then you can just drag it out like this and if you want more margin you can drag it out like this and I'm just clicking and dragging up or dragging down or of course you can type in the exact number of pixels that you want and one thing that I always got confused with is what is the difference between margin and padding and rather than show you with a diagram picture I recommend you just open up thrive architect and add 100 padding see what happens add a hundred margin see what happens and you'll immediately understand the difference and a few other options you have on your sidebar here are if you want to edit for a mobile device or at least see what your website looks like on a mobile device you can click on this button and then click on tablet or this button and click on mobile now thrive architect does some really cool stuff when it comes to editing for mobile devices that I'll share with you in later videos but for now I just want to help you get familiar with this plugin so I'm gonna go back to desktop and then here this button will take you to page setup which you can also find by clicking on the gear icon and clicking on template setup and you just have all these different options about exporting this landing page so you can reuse it on a different page on your site or on a different website altogether if it's running drive architect and then you have some other options in the settings you can edit your own HTML you can add custom CSS and do a few other things and finally when you click on more options you'll see the undo redo button a revision manager so if you wanted to step back say five changes ago and revise that you can do that and then exit thrive architect which will take you back to the wordpress dashboard and finally a preview button which is something that i use very often and this just shows you what the website actually looks like live and one thing that's important is whenever you make changes that you're happy with is to click on the Save button because thrive architects will not automatically save for you and thrive Architects is a very visual builder so a lot of times just by hovering over stuff you get different options such as if you wanted to drag different items around and put them in different areas you can do that depending on the element you can also copy items delete them and do some other cool things depending on the element so now take some time before you move onto the next video with what you know now and play around with this tool start to get familiar with it and don't worry if you feel like it's overwhelming at first because with time it's gonna become very natural and that's where the magic happens when you can use this tool just like any other tool you're really familiar with and start building incredible websites.

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