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Essential Speed Plugins For Your WordPress Website

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series next up we're gonna want to install some speed plugins now I can't emphasize enough the importance of having a website that loads fast there was some study somewhere that if it takes more than two seconds like half of the people that would normally visit your website will just drop off and think about how you browse websites don't you notice that if you were to search for something on Safari and if it's taking too long to load you might just go to a different website that's killer for people visiting your website so these are some free plug-ins that are gonna dramatically speed up your site so let's start with fast velocity minify and you can click on these links and they will just take you to the page where you can download the plug-in but I think a much quicker way to do it is to go directly through your dashboard hover over plugins and click on add new and from here just type the name of the plug-in you're looking for so this is the first one fast velocity minify let's click install now and once it's installed click on activate and that's it now disable emojis so first let's hover over plugins and click on add new again and disable emojis and this is one we're looking for so let's give that installation and activate next up is far future expiry install now and click activate a three lazy load these are like the most random plugins but they're worth installing a three lazy load just all that optimized database after two leading revisions I'm sorry I don't know why I think that's funny there's nothing funny about that optimized database and this is the one you're looking for with that broom click on install now and then activate WP super cache oh there it is and this is the most popular out of all of them [Music] oh I see what's going on here so this is interesting with the wpx hosting they already installed the plugging w3 total cache automatically so actually what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna deactivate the plug-in we just downloaded and stick with the one that are hosting installed automatically which is w3 total cache and I'll just delete that super cache and that's it so now go back to our website and hard to tell but it should be loading faster and if you want there's a ton of things you can do in all these settings to optimize these plugins typically I don't do that I just like what it does automatically but if it gives me some notices then I'm the okay I'll do what you're telling me to do and resize the thumbnails and this is a feature that's built into the focus blog theme where they can automatically optimize photos for you which is pretty awesome with it that all that means is it just lowers the size of the photo which makes your website load faster.

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