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Pointing Your Domain Nameservers To WPX Hosting

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series I know is it all ready to start building but there are a few quick technical things that we have to do and the first is transfer our domain to our hosting service so I'm gonna show you how to transfer the domain from Namecheap to wpx hosting and it sounds complex but don't worry it's really simple okay next up is to install wordpress Arnaud to point the domains servers to our hosting site and this is something you have to do wherever you host the web site whether you're using WP X or another type of service so on this service details page if you scroll down there's going to be two links and it will just say name server and then there'll be a link and it'll say name server and there'll be a link and you're gonna want to keep those name servers in mind when you go over to Namecheap on Namecheap you want to find the domain that you're gonna be using so like I mentioned before for this tutorial I'm going to be using give back your gift com so if this was the domain you want to use click on the manage button and then scroll down until you see nameservers it's gonna default to basic DNS and you just want to click on that drop down menu and click on custom DNS and don't worry if you don't know what that means who cares you don't need to know what it means but these are the two name servers that you're gonna find if you were to scroll down on this page and it'll say name server one so you copy that from this page and paste it right here where the box will say name server one and then do the same with name server two and then you just click out of it and it's done now the reason why I didn't show you this process is once you update the name servers it takes up to 24 hours to do its thing and transfer before you can start working on your website now it usually takes just a couple of hours but it's up to 24 hours but since I already did this a couple of days ago we're good to go.

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