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Installing Thrive Architect & Theme Onto Your WordPress Website

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series this is where our website comes to life we're gonna install the theme and the plugins so there's no creativity here but this is all the default stuff that we're gonna have to do so we have a solid foundation to build on top of and the first thing is we want to download the theme that we want to use and download thrive architect so you can click on the link in the PDF or just head over to thrive dashboard and you're gonna have to login with the account you created when you created your thrive themes account but I'm already logged in and it's just this member dashboard button on the top and if you scroll down it's gonna show you all the themes and plugins that you've purchased and in our case we're using thrive Architect which is a plug-in and for that reason I'm gonna click download you're gonna want to do the same and for themes I'm gonna download focus blog and that's it so now we've downloaded focus blog and thrive architects next up is to install our focus blog theme and to do that we're gonna need to get into the backend of our website and that can be done by going to your website domain or whatever your thing is dot whatever back slash WP dash admin and now we're gonna want to login with that information we saved earlier so I'm gonna use my sticky note and we have that WordPress admin user and also our password I'm just gonna say remember me and login and that's it this is the back end to our WordPress website so if you've never used WordPress before it may look a little scary but trust me this is not as complicated as it looks and it becomes really familiar quickly so now we're gonna want to install our theme and to do that you hover over appearance and click on themes now as you can see we've already have a theme installed so WordPress installs this theme 2017 which is a very lightweight theme that you can use if you're on a super tight budget but in our case we're gonna be installing the focus blog theme which we purchased so click on the add new theme button and then you're gonna want to upload your theme and remember we downloaded this about two seconds ago so just go to your downloads tab double click on the theme and then install now and it shouldn't take more than 30 or 40 seconds to install the theme okay so we've installed a theme but now we need to activate it so now it's just the theme in our collection but the other theme that I showed you earlier is still active so now let's activate focus blog and that's it it's been successfully activated now the next step is to validate it with our license key but let's not do that yet because we want to install thrive architect first and then I'll show you how to validate both of these products and that's just a fancy way of saying you got to enter the software code that you're gonna find on the website and that's how it keeps track of how many websites you're installing that plug-in in because remember you bought it for one website or five websites or whatever number so now we have installed the focus blog theme next up is to install thrive architect plug-in to do that we're gonna be in WordPress here hover over plugins and add new now we want to upload a plug-in very similar to how we uploaded a theme and double click on thrive architect and install now and that's it so our plug-in has been activated so we have installed the thrive architect plug-in next up we want to validate both of these thrive products we installed and to do that click on the thrive - our actually hover over the thrive dashboard and click on license manager and from here you're gonna want to enter the email address that you use to create your thrive account and also your license key and to find your license key on the member dashboard you scroll up and click on my account and license Keys now I'm gonna have to hide the screen for a second because I don't want you using my keys but you're gonna be using your own key obviously so this is what our site looks like after we've installed the focus blog installed thrive architect and then activated both of those themes.

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