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How To Create Wordpress Website Course Conclusion

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series congratulations on finishing this course on how to build a beautiful WordPress website using thrive architects in this course you started from complete scratch you bought a domain name you bought a hosting service then you point to that domain towards your hosting service installed WordPress then install the thrive architect plugin and the focus blog theme then you started creating your pages and this was all after you worked through your inspiration on what you want your website to look like and created your color palette you learned how the thrive architect plug-in works how to use those foundational elements and also how to edit your website on desktops and for mobile devices then you got the see firsthand what it's like when I created my own live website in real time and as you saw there the process is not as straightforward and sexy as we always want it to be so my hope is when you move on from this course that you don't give up on thrive Architects that you play around with it because in the beginning it's the hardest whenever we learn something new is uncomfortable and believe me I felt this way with Drive architect so if that's how you're feeling now I can totally relate to that feeling but this is one of those tools that you're gonna be so grateful that you stuck with it creating a website and 2018 is like a magic skill when other people that can't create websites look at you and they're able to see this professional thing you created in a couple of hours like it gives you surreal powers just because that's how we live online today so creating a website is gonna be worth your effort to learn and I've tried everything and believe me I love thrive architects it blows everything else out of the water now if you have another tool that you prefer of course go ahead and do that but I think by now since you've finished this course and you've learned all the stuff about thrive Architects you're probably sold on the tool as well and another great thing about this is when you learn thrive Architects you're also learning principles about web design in general so in the future if there is a better tool than thrive architect it doesn't mean all your skills are just gone to waste very likely that new tool will behave in a very similar way to thrive architects and as you use thrive architect your learning core website design principles that you can translate to many other areas of design and building websites in the future so with all that being said have fun with it I can't wait to see what websites you're able to create and if you're able to post the websites that you've built inside of this course as a discussion that would be incredible I can give you some feedback my honest review of it and then it would just make me so happy to see this website that you created so best of luck have fun and I'll see you next time.

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