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How To Set Your Landing Page Settings (& Reuse Page As A Template)

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now I want to walk you through landing page settings and this is a best practice that I use to create websites quicker so let me show you what I mean by landing page settings first I'm just gonna exit this page and create a new one so I'm gonna click on this button which takes me back to my wordpress dashboard add a new page and I'm just gonna say this is a template page publish it and then launch your thrive architects so when you're creating websites on thrive architect very often you want all of your pages to have similar fonts similar page widths and just things in common so I like to create a template for my site this is a page that has all the foundation to it that I want all the other pages on my website to use and then whenever I create a new page on my website I just duplicate that template page and start editing that and it saves you a lot of time so to create this you could load up a new template click on the blank and just start with a blank page next up you can either click on the gear icon or just select page setup right here and now I'm going to click on landing page settings and these are the general options for our landing page so think about what are the options that are going to apply to every single site every single page on your site and if you remember earlier in this course one of the things I did was I said I want the maximum width of every page to be 1100 so I'm just gonna change that right there next up for background style I like to leave it just how it is because we can always change that later but I do want to change page text options so I'm going to click on edit page tax and this allows me to change all the typography for this landing page so for example with heading 1 let's say I want to use the font open songs and this is something that you most likely decided on earlier before you started creating your website and you just have to choose a weight here and then let's say okay well that's good I like that font but I want to change the color and for all my heading ones I want them to be this green color then you click apply and there you go or another option could be for all my heading ones I want them to be upper case but not title case or the opposite sorry I want them to be title case and not upper case then you can also edit fonts for different devices so the same cascading rule applies here if I want my h1 headings to be green on desktops but on mobile I want them to be red then I can make that change and it won't affect my desktop fonts now that's cool that they had that feature but honestly very rarely would you ever have different font settings for desktop and mobile because keep in mind you can always change the size of these fonts when you're creating the page but this is just the default so let's say you were to drag a heading onto your page this is what it's going to default to but you can always change the color and always change the size once you've added that element to your site and then another common thing that's really cool is you might want to change the color of your links so let's say based on your key colors you chose earlier you want every link to be blue well now you can make that happen easily or you can edit your paragraph text and once you're done click close and you've set your landing page text options and really that's it I mean if you're a custom script person you have these options here but there's actually a better way to add scripts that you can do one time for your entire theme where you don't have to add them in for each individual page so if that went over your head right there don't worry but if you use custom scripts keep in mind there's a much better option than adding them in for every single page you just add it to the theme itself and next up our Advanced Options which we're just gonna ignore so really that's it these are my typical settings for a landing page and what you can do is once you've saved your landing page settings you can exit thrive architect head over to your pages click on all pages and with this template I just put example here you can clone it and now let's say I want this to be about me page then I'm just gonna edit this so it's about me now I click publish and launch thrive architect well this new page already has all our landing page settings ready to go so we can immediately start creating our website.

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