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Installing Essential Backup & Security Plugins

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series next up we want to install backup plugins and you absolutely must have at least one backup plug-in for your WordPress website and I recommend you have two at the same time there is nothing that sucks more than building a website that you're super proud of and for whatever reason it crashes and you lose it so always always backup and it's something that seems obvious but it never seems important until you need it so there's two backup plugins that I love for WordPress the first is all-in-one so however plugins and click on add new and then install now what I love about this plug-in is it makes your backups so simple it crates it combines all of the files of your website into a single file and then if you were to install this plug-in on another website you can just import that one file and immediately your whole website comes back to life I've never seen a backing plug-in that makes it so simple to transfer websites from one WordPress site to another which also means that if you ever need to restore your site you would just install a blank copy of WordPress download this plug-in and then import your file that you backed up earlier so it's great that's the key takeaway there and that's it it's been installed so once it's installed you're gonna want to configure it so hover over this new tab here all-in-one and click on backups and here you can create backups and manually if you ever need to and you can export it to different websites or just as a file in your computer and then if you want to import of similar file just click on import so unfortunately with this plugin seems like you need to pay in order to have automatic backups so personally I paid for the Google Drive so it's automatically creating backups for me in my Google Drive account but with the free version you will just have to export it manually so this is a great option to have on your website but that's why it's so important to download the next backup plug-in which is updraft plus or purchase the all-in-one with automatic backups and this is all we're looking for with over a million active installs and click on install now and then activate and to find the settings for this backup plug-in hover over settings and then click on updraft plus backups and from here you can back it up right now just by clicking this button or click on existing or sorry click on settings and create your own schedule next up you want to choose your remote storage so where do you want the backups to go to automatically now I'm a big fan of Google Drive but you can use whatever you want so what you want to do is you want to authenticate with the service that you're using whether that's Dropbox or Google so you select the service scroll down click on Save Changes and then follow this link to authorize that accounts so I'm not going to do that for the sake of this tutorial since I don't actually want to back up the site but you would do it with yours and then as soon as you configure your backup plug-in I would recommend just clicking backup now so you have at least one backup in updraftplus and from that moment on it will keep creating them automatically finally the last plugin we want is a security plug-in now I used to think that security plugins were not needed is kind of overkill and then I had someone try to attack our WordPress site and I was so thankful that I had a new security plug-in installed so I highly highly recommend you have one and I theme security is free and I think it's the best so hover over plugins click on add new and type in IPS and as you can see you're in good hands over 900,000 installations and click on install now and then activate so immediately it's already added some security features to your website but I also highly recommend that you activate their brute force network protection and what this is is it's kind of like a collection of all these sites where if one site gets hacked then I themes can pick up information like how they're trying to hack your site and it protects all sites in their network so it's free and just being in this network means more security for your site so click on get free API key add in your email address you can read this if you want not a big fan of email updates and follow through with them and they'll help you get set up for the sake of this tutorial I'm not going to go through it but it's super simple.

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