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Success phase

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – Now I want to share with you what happened when I started succeeding and growing and oh my god finally right after really took years of self-doubt and failure and I remember like I remember sitting in my room with all the self-doubt and there was days where like you know tried 20 different things maybe that month and to grow and like nothing was working and I was like no matter how resourceful I was just wasn't they were just not happening I was just so much it was kind of being feeling down and sad and I remember how bad that felt at those moments but I actually don't feel it now because I'm so far removed but I still remember those days and I remember how hard it was and so it's for me it's all that more gratifying that it eventually things turned around but it took a long time so what happened was after the opsite started the YouTube channel where I was giving the same tips on YouTube and I sort of started because experimenting with video and I was terrible on video and then I wrote some books because at that time a lot of people were getting into Amazon self-publishing and so I tried that and eventually you know I wrote a few books that didn't work but then I wrote a few more books and I learned how to you know down below in the book business and my some of my books started succeeding and a couple of them are starting to be used in universities and selling well so even you know these businesses they didn't immediately become good but after time then I found   and I started teaching on and loving it and especially my YouTube experience really helped me on kind of it was almost like a playground to refine my skills and I was always coaching people and then I got into this cryptocurrency and then I added more facets to my business for example instead of just coaching people I realized hmm I can combine the coaching and hands-on so like and today I can take a person with a business idea and take them all the way through to a growing business sometimes I'd outsource for them designer I might work with sometimes I might help them myself with some marketing tasks and so like just like I teach in this course I sort of figured out how to extend the lifetime of a from the coaching - it's like an all-service like I'm like an all-service in-house person everything they need I help them along the way and some people went literally from zero to the case that the case study that I give us I have like literally one client who a year ago he was making almost no money and today he's making something like seventy thousand a month on Amazon and that's one of my clients and I literally took him the whole way through so that happens every once in a while of course I can't promise everyone that that will happen but that has happened so and I've take people all the way through who provides all kinds of services and coaching on all kinds of things they might need and whenever I cannot provide something then I outsource that for them and then they you know they still stick with me for the next and next thing so that's also another thing that I added so you see now I have a little bit of a ecosystem where people sometimes find me through books and then get my coaching or something else or there's just a whole bunch of ways that I'm just comfortable online and I'm building my brand as a business person business coach helpful person in business whatever you want to call me and I'm excited for the future I might start dabbling in other things and other things and just keep adding but you see it's now I always bring that experience and that that that greediness that I always had I just keep trying and trying and trying it's just the the more you try the more experience you have the more you bring into your next company and your next idea and your next idea so it's kind of snowballed for me and so now things are more or less working and growing I mean depends how you count life some people would say it's really amazing but then I always look at my peers and some of my peers are always doing a little better some of my peers are always doing a little worse and I always look up to my peers who are doing better and I'm like oh my god I still have so much room to grow but if I look back to where I started I'm like wow this is amazing and that's what's eventually gonna happen for you it's all about persistence don't give up keep working hard and I used to hate it when people say used to say to me you're gonna succeed when I was failing because that was that compound that compounded the frustrating mess of it but actually you're gonna succeed if you just keep trying don't quit you'll get it anyway so that's what happened to me and let's see what happens to me next and I'm curious what's gonna happen to you I love you for you to one day kind of share what happened in your journey as well.

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