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SEO crashcourse

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – In this video I want to do an SEO marketing crash course again this is one of those topics that there's entire gigantic courses on on this topic so I'm not gonna cover it in depth but I hope to give you a good foundation for it so there's three parts to every major SEO strategy the first part is to identify the keywords that people are going to search and that you're going to be able to rank for and get the right kind of traffic for you the second part of the process is to place those keywords on your website or your product listing whatever you're doing is co4 and the third part is to begin the process of ranking higher for those keywords now that's the part that takes a while you sometimes hear all it takes here it might take like six months to do SEO and sometimes it does and it might sometimes longer but he picked the right keywords and place them on your listing the right way it could take a lot shorter now I want to also refine your thinking about SEO because a lot of people especially first-timers when they start out they think of SEO as you know people search on Google Yahoo and Bing those are the major search engines official search engines in the english-speaking web but I'd actually like to reframe that because yes Google is the biggest but the second biggest is YouTube and for products you have Amazon as a Drake gigantic search engine and whatever your platform is whatever your business is like if you're a product obviously or a book obviously Amazon's the search for you or if you are selling courses then   is the search engine for you so whatever your platform where you're promoting things there may be a big website or like Etsy search if you're making products so there may be search on some specific website that's gigantic that has a lot of your very targeted customers so that's sort of the new way to look at search and it's a much more practical approach to getting very high quality traffic and also SEO is can be a little bit frustrating because it does take time and you know when you launch on day one you're not ranking where you wanna be and maybe even a month after that you're not ranking where you want to be but it's worthwhile pursuing and it's consistently my one of my favorite strategies for many many businesses because it's very highly converting because people are already searching for you they're looking for what you're offering and so when they find you they're gonna be potentially way better customers and they're gonna be more highly converting leads and for that reason I really like SEO and also it's quite automated so if you're ranked today you might be ranking next week next month next year who knows some content that I made that was ranked for 10 years some YouTube videos that I made have rank for the last five years so compare that to social media if you make a Facebook post it stops getting activity in a day so you see the difference and I really like the high targeting and the automation of SEO and so I really recommend that you get into it especially for technically minded people SEO is more or less technical slightly technical not very technical but technical enough that as a technical person you'll have a little bit of an advantage in it.

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