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Writing incredible headlines & examples. It is more important than you think

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – In this video let's talk about how to write headlines and titles they are monumentally and disproportionately important because guess what if nobody likes your title if it doesn't catch attention nobody's going to click your link there your tweet you're not going to get attention people are not going to read the rest of what you have to offer so you have to catch attention or people are just not going to engage so it's only one sentence but that one sentence represents a tremendous amount of importance for whatever you're working on or promoting so how do you make your titles more compelling I'm gonna give you a few criteria and then we're gonna go over examples from my branding book the first example is surprise surprise you have to communicate very clearly a an amazing benefit something people actually want hmm okay so they you have to make people want it okay there's no it's you know you're not tricking anybody you have to identify a benefit and communicate it to them so they'll be like oh I want that click now how do you make that benefit even cooler sounding make it feel a Chiva bow weakly and easily people wanna do don't wanna work hard they want everything easy also you can make it authoritative so you can name drop universities celebrities experts professors known people in your field for example if you're providing a weight loss product well maybe it's a Harvard based study that it your product is based on and then give that that gives it that much more credibility so that Harvard is the name drop you don't have to be a jerk name dropping but you can make it be professional name dropper which works also use numbers and percentages those break up the text and make the headline a little bit more interesting to read and it catches the eye and also if you you can promise certain percentage boosts number increases and people that actually plays into the benef and you can add scarcity or deadlines for example our sale expires tomorrow get something now and people rush to get it now even though they probably can get it on sale any other time of the year so scarcity also works to get people to act fast now let's go over a few examples where I took a very boring headline and went through a few iterations of it and dressed it up and this example is from my one of my books it's on on on personal branding this example is essentially oh you see it's it's for a totally fictitious person it's somebody named Susan Smith I made up this person and she's a weight loss coach I made up this example and the boring way to say it is hi I'm Susan Smith and I help you lose weight now let's actually add some credibility to her I'm Susan Smith PhD nutrition I help you lose weight right away you added credibility to that headline now let's make it better and make her more memorable okay I am Susan J Smith maybe she's like the Greek goddess of weight loss so she's giving herself all this branding I'm Susan J Smith Athena of weight loss PhD in nutrition and I help you lose weight now I don't know about this Athena weight loss that's just something I kind of made up it's not perfect but is it memorable and unique totally is Susan J Smith better than Susan Smith totally more unique totally more memorable in nutrition there's probably a lot of Susan Smith or at least some there's probably only one Susan J Smith so it's more memorable right away and then we can add more immediate benefits you can add I help you lose 10 pounds in 30 days and 3 pounds within the very first week now that's stronger people want those immediate easy wins okay so you can add that to her title and you see the title starts to become bulky now you have to wait should I really keep every element of it because then it will become way too long so there are things you keep can keep adding and adding and adding on top of it my advice is to taper it a little bit just pick the best you don't have to be the Athena of weight loss or whatever you can just be yourself but if you want to be if it being more memorable more memorable is important for you then make a unique thing for you if being more memorable is not as important for you you feel then take that out and maybe add credibility points or benefit points so for example another thing you can do is you can give refunds refunds add trust okay so on top of everything you say if you don't lose 10 pounds in 30 days I'll give you a full refund no questions asked now that's a big risk but actually giving refunds is traditionally a proven way to boost sales so you know people trust you a little bit more when you offer a refund and most people even if they're not that happy with your service they'll appreciate the work you put in and they're not even gonna ask for the refund but it will help them make the purchase so you see there's a lot of stuff that you can add numbers percentages you know Harvard research based you know like like here's an example my Harvard Bay research based factory that fat production system helps you lose 10 pounds in 30 days now I totally made it up but if that was a real study and it's something that's cutting edge research that is a new way for people to lose weight people love that people try a new weight-loss fads all the time they really catch the eye because none of the old stuff worked so maybe there's something new so you see there's a lot of ways to dress up headlines and what you want to avoid is to be bland and boring sometimes it takes a little bit of guts like not everyone can be the Athena of weight loss that's quite a weird statement to say about yourself but you're gonna be totally memorable so it's a balancing act and sometimes it's if it requires a little bit too much courage for your brand or your personality leave it out but just don't be bland because the people who are bland do not get clicked on do not get attention do not get clients do not grow their business if you stand out in as compelling way as possible the reverse happens you get clicked on you get the attention you get engagement you get clients your business grows so it's all you see the headlines just a few words but makes a tremendous difference in your business.

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