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Teaching engineering online

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – In this video let's talk about another great idea for people who have technical skills or are technically minded and not teaching technical topics teaching technical topics is fantastic because it's lucrative and it's in-demand and technology is always gonna be lucrative because things that move the world forward is going to be in demand and therefore people will want those skills therefore teaching those skills will always be in demand and you can charge money for it so for that reason it's fantastic in addition to that it's a fantastically growing space online education the whole education is changing universities are set to change how to do things right thing education is going more and more online more and more democratized you can be a part of it it's still early and I know this business extremely well because I've been on   teaching for many years I think four and a half years now and every time I say four and a half I'm like oh my god the time is going by so fast that that extra half I'm like oh no another half year went by I'd rather just keep it at four but it's really been like four and a half and whenever when you when you see that might be even longer so I know this business really well it's and teaching online is amazing fantastic business I believe in it I benefit from it I'm deep in it and I'm passionate about it myself so maybe I'm subjective but really I do believe it is and I see it in front of my eyes so you can sell online courses let's say you're an expert in Java or something like that or any kind of programming language you can sell you can create that teaching that content on on our site called Skillshare com which is like a second from you to me like it's like a   me to you know like copycat of you to me in their second in terms of market share you can tell that stuff from your own website anything you can even create your own large brand and following online and from like YouTube and on YouTube you can sell your paid content so it's it makes sense because doing screencasts and actually showing and teaching people how to do the programming is a very good way for people to learn a tremendous demand now the only issue for technically minded people and I encountered this issue and I'm still encountering this issue and it's a really tough one is to learn presentation and out of your video audio-visual issues so things like perfecting your audio perfecting your video perfecting how you look on camera how you sound on camera or how you the lighting all those things they're very hard because most likely you'll be making your content from home you're not gonna have a professional studio so you're gonna have a imperfect situation you might have to you know everyone creating content video content from home encounter some problems maybe a lighting problem maybe a background problem maybe you don't have enough space maybe whatever and so those are real challenges that need solving and they for me it's taken a while like I've taken coaching for speech to get rid of a lot of my ohms and my speech and things like that and I've had to go through through a lot of different microphones to see which one I like and backgrounds and the ways I present should I be on camera should I not so that's been actually to be honest a huge issue for me and to be honest a source of insecurity because it's not my background at all it's something I had to learn I'll never be professional at it and I'm an amateur at it and all I can do is just become a better amateur at it and you probably will be in the same situation and that's a challenge you might know you're my subject matter well the technical skills but the presentation are your visual stuff that's hard that that's really hard to learn and it's been a long time coming for me to pick up all those skills over time now the great thing about this business just in case you might have wanted to tell me hey I kind of want to get out of technical stuff okay fine this is like 75% passive income you make the content once recorded once and of course once you get better at recording you should rerecord it and improve it but let's say you generally the idea is you make it once and as long as that content let's say you're teaching certain Java as long as a new version of Java doesn't come out or some new cooler technology doesn't come out you remain keep this as a passive income to about 75% level and you can sort of on a part-time basis improve your courses create new courses but or get into other businesses that you'll have extra time to get into because you don't have to spend a full time effort on your online teaching unless you really put out a tremendous amount of content so that's the education field I think if you feel that you are an expert in some technology or a sub-sub field or some technology then it's really amazing for you to get into that and teach it you you'll help a lot of people influence their life for the better so it's it's a feel-good business you're actually doing good things and it's very lucrative for you so it's a win-win and it's a perfect use of your technical skills.

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