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Your business pitch which you will use to get feedback and more

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – Now that you have your three sentence business plan the next step is to create your business pitch out of that and the business pitch is what you're going to do to use everywhere it's when you talk to investors when you talk to potential co-founders when you talk to potential clients when you talk to your friends and family or business experts to get advice and feedback the business pitch is going to be used everywhere and the conversations that ensue and follow your business pitch depend on your business pitch if your business pitch is confusing your people that you talk to are going to get confused they're not gonna really engage with you they're gonna give you poor feedback if your pitch is clear and inspiring and compelling they're gonna be interested in discussing with you more you're gonna have more fruitful conversation and conversations and the pitch is used all the time multiple times a day if you're actively working on your business and even though the three centers business plan it's a purely Maya my concept that I have that I've developed the business pitch template that I'm going to use with you is that I'm gonna share with you is from a day of racing he's the guy who created this kind of a pitch template and he's the founder of the founder Institute and he's a very successful entrepreneur so I just want to make sure I credit him and now let's get into your pitch and after I show you the pitch you're gonna write your own pitch and that is the pitch we're going to use to get your feedback so first let's go over the pitch first you say my company and then you just fill in the blanks wherever I have these round brackets you just fill in the blanks and you know don't confuse it with coding brackets you know like in Java or something engineering humor pardon me for the engineering humor okay we're moving on so all right so you say my company just give it your company name is developing is it an app as a software is it a restaurant who knows only you know so put whatever is here then you want this is important to help whom your target audience is it man is it pets is it other companies who do you help who does your company help to solve what problem is it making something more efficient to save money to make money to make people happier to help people lose weight what's the thing you're doing right so how do you help people who do you help how do you help them very important and then your method with what strategy your secret sauce your strategy I forgot in my slide to create a round bracket there here's my syntax error for the for the slide I pardon me please so there you go that's the pitch and what I would like you to do for your idea that you have or for any future idea create a pitch like this so that you can go and talk to people and guess what this is essentially a one or two-sentence pitch so forget you know how people say the elevator pitch the one minute pitch like this is literally a 10 or 15 seconds pitch that you're going to use to very clearly and hopefully inspiring in an inspiring way explain to people exactly what you're doing you're not gonna waste their time you're gonna be super to the point and they're gonna appreciate that and they're not gonna waste their brain cycles on understanding what you're doing because it's so clear they're gonna spend their brain cycles instead of thinking how can I help you do I know someone who can help you what how can I make a suggestion so they're gonna focus on the things that are actually more helpful for you so from now on you've got to develop and practice this pitch so what I'd like you to do is write your own pitch as your exercise create your own pitch and for extra brownie points and bonus points definitely post it in the course discussion area so that other students can take a look and critique and give feedback and so me and I can as well and then in the next video we're gonna start talking about how to actually develop this idea and by the way in case you don't necessarily have an idea don't worry we'll cover other aspects of business in this course this is just a good way for us to dive in in case you do have an idea and you want to develop it.

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