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Facebook marketing crashcourse

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – In this video I want to give you a quick Facebook marketing crash course obviously it's really hard to cover Facebook by itself just just one video there's whole courses on it so I'll try to just go quickly through it and it's really hard to make hands-on material like this but I just want you to understand how to use Facebook and you can sell on Facebook or you can draw an audience about using groups you can use local groups for buying and selling things you can look for on Facebook for local buy sell groups they have that feature or you can sell things digitally usually digital goods globally you can also use groups of yours and others if you don't have your own groups well obviously your groups would have higher engagement when people you see when people see you're selling stuff but if you don't have your own large groups as most people don't you can leverage groups of others you can join other large groups in your niche but not post immediately but maybe make friends there talk to the organizer of the group and see if it's okay to post your products there after you get permission then you post your product and sell stuff now quick thing about pages versus group versus your own private profile if you are private kind of like I am people on my social actual my actual Facebook page as a user they don't even know what I do for business really because I generally am private about it but if you're not private about it you can definitely involve your immediate friends surely they're gonna want to help you you just don't want to over post there I didn't wanna risk annoying them regarding pages versus groups pages typically have less engagement so if you want to make secondary post you know just if you keep want to keep posting and if you want to get conversations going that's more for groups the reason for pages is that you can run ads through the pages you cannot run ads through the groups okay that's the difference and how often you should post daily or weekly a few times a week is fine it kind of depends on what your content is if it's not super social please fine dailies also find it kind of depends on your taste for it how much you actually want to be the time you want to be spending there regarding Facebook Ads that's something that's I always get asked about ads only really work when you can put a dollar in and get a dollar and one cent out if you put a dollar in and get 90 cent 99 cents out you're gonna go broke this way right the more you escalate your ads the more you're gonna go broke so as long as you're putting you know spending less than you're getting out you can keep running the ads but typically Facebook ads they're expensive now so clicks are expensive so it's gonna be a long term effort maybe not a long term but like a mid-length effort to make sure you create better and better targeting so that your clicks get cheaper and cheaper and become affordable that's really the way to win targeting and getting cheap clicks and that's something that's gonna happen over time also video ads tend to do much better than other kinds of ads and it's easy cheaper to get video views regarding Facebook live this is the newest and latest and greatest toy it's where you can go live to your group to your page our audience and you can talk to them directly respond to questions directly a live show can actually be broadcast to YouTube at the same YouTube live Facebook live at the same time so you're not wasting time doing two things at different times and that's a really fantastic way to engage with your audience if you already have an audience if you don't already have an audience it's a it's a nice way to grow one and faster one and if you also don't have an audience and you have a group and you don't know how to populate the group a good place to start is to post your Facebook links to your other social profiles on your product and just get people get all I have a lot of touch points where people see all here's a link to your group and you know maybe in your email signature on your website every you know wherever people find your product and so people start joining your group and over time you start accumulating Facebook group members so this is essentially the A to Z very very light coverage of Facebook but generally speaking this really encompasses at least touches on almost every major facet of Facebook marketing and advertising so it should at least give you a reasonable foundation.

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