Example of successfully teaching technical topics

Example of successfully teaching technical topics - Mark Lassoff

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – In this video I want to introduce to you a really good example of somebody who teaches online who's a software engineer but started teaching online and has made millions and I think he won't mind me saying he made millions I think that's a public information but his name is mark glass off I know him personally and he started out on   he was one of the first instructors like back in the day even before me and he was kind of handpicked by and he had a lot of students I think he had more students and more courses I think he took some courses down because at some point he took the revenue he made from and he invested in creating his own business and that business has learned to program TV and now they create a digital magazine they have a lot of YouTube content they create and they sell courses more premium more quality courses on Marc's own website and I'll show you that website right now this is learn to program that TV it's essentially you know this this is Marc's business today this is his team you can read all about them he hires teachers now for different topics and he creates a lot of content a lot of editors for the content for the videos but essentially that's his team here he is humbly in the left side here and that's the business that he started all from creating technical content selling it slowly on   and then when he got his footing under him and he figured out the essence of this business what makes it work he kind of transferred over and started started selling courses on his own website and he created the whole thing this framework TV Academy it's like a whole known big brand in his space in his technical space and you might even be very well aware of it so that's a transition and a really good example of online teacher Li just a software engineer who became an online teacher who then became you know a business owner with you know this business I you know it has millions of dollars in revenue I'm not gonna say exactly how much but certainly most people out there would be extremely happy with the result and he's a fool on business guy he started as a technical guy he's still a technical guy but you there's no way you can say anything that like hey bad at business no now he's he's very much on top of his stuff and he's one of the better businesses out there is like totally self-made built a business from absolute scratch so this is an example of a person and a business to follow in the online education space especially for technology.   

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