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AIDA - strategy to increase sales conversion of your book

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to talk to you about something called ADA this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and it's an acronym for a four-step process for sales and it's very widely applicable whenever you're promoting anything if you especially if you're a beginner try to think of this AIDA so let's go over this letter by letter, the first letter is the attention you wanna grab attention you usually do this with attractive headlines attractive titles email subject lines sales pitch promises of big benefits because if you promise some the tremendous benefit that a person actually wants that's gonna go a long way to them clicking on your link to them opening your email whereas if it's very mediocre like they're not that interested it's boring they're just gonna ignore it so you want to grab attention and everything starts with that because if you don't grab attention the rest of your sales process doesn't even happen after AIDA I stands for the interest you wanna build interest in that person to whom you're trying to sell what are they thinking they're thinking something like what's in it for me am I gonna get something out of this reality and is this trustworthy can I trust them and you want to build trust by explaining how your service or product works its details a little bit and your own credibility as the seller or creator of it are you qualified to have created it to promote something and at the beginning of the sale you just want to promise benefits that's the attention and you don't want to get into too many details too soon but after you get that attention you build up the interest by getting into the detail it's just a little more not too many details because of too many details can actually backfire because it might confuse people or it might just frustrate them and who knows or might bore them so you want to progress into the details slowly they don't need to know everything about the ins and outs of your product or service but they certainly need to know a little bit more to see if they still want it and as they're going through and as they're building their interest what you have to do is turn that interest into the desire that's sort of like when interest becomes strong they start to desire your product or service desire is when they are thinking about it they are imagining themselves using your product or service and getting those benefits and when they start thinking about it and desire it's like there could now they're convincing themselves that they needed and wanted so your job is nearly done the way you built desire or is usually by reinforcing that attractive headline with really inspiring images or even sometimes using terms like imagine how good your life will be after you do something after you lose weight right and if the person literally starts to imagine because you just ask them please Majan so they start imagining how good their life will be and of course, if they see it they'll want it right they picture themselves reaping the benefits so they start convincing themselves that they want it and your job is almost almost almost done then you just have to do the last day of AIDA which is action call to action get them to buy or sign up or whatever so in everything you do in sales or promotion think of it through AIDA it's a really helpful guideline for you to make sure you're doing the right thing in the room in the sales process not going too fast not going too slow and having your potential clients go through it on their own time not skipping steps because if you do some of these in Reverse your client might not be ready for it but if you do them in the right the sequence that's the ideal flow of your sales cycle.

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