What I did to become a 3-time bestseller

What I did to become a 3-time bestseller & generate spikes of book sales Part 01

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription:  Now let me show you exactly exactly exactly what I did to become a three-time Amazon best seller this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and I'll walk you through the theory and on times I'll show you my result so first of all even before I give in to things you have to be resourceful and creative because you may have options available to you for the promotion that I did it so something that I everything that I show you it will work but there may be more things that you can do so don't just stop other things that I did take it one step further maybe you can do more be creative okay now that I gave you the whole spiel let's talk about what I did first of all, you gotta choose a date concrete date out in some time so that you can prepare for your promotion if you have a book that's already live you can choose some date or if you have a book that's gonna be launched then that's your launch date and you've got to launch set that date a little bit ahead of the time I like to give myself as I gave myself about a month actually what did I do in this month I created I had I had a better cover created right because of the the cover helps you increase sales helps you increase conversions so that gave me time to get a better cover built and I didn't have to stress about time limits so basically I gave myself a lot of time so I don't have to stress about the deadlines right so cover and then also in this time I talked to many of my peers and I'll talk about that later in this video about getting them to help me to promote and for them, it was easier to schedule the promotion if it was ahead of time right if I came to them for example and said hey I need I need this tomorrow can you do this they may tell me like oh well I just sent a promotion to my list yesterday or how about next week and also I had to make sure that it works for their schedule right because they're doing me a big favour so that's the two things you want to you know get all your sort of like t's crossed and I'm dotted like I did with my cover and you want to get people who are going to help you to be able to schedule that into their schedule that's why I recommend giving yourself a date ahead of time now in this time and before you also want to build up your audience maybe your blog visitors YouTube subscribers email list all before the promotion right the bigger they are the bigger your lists are the more people can learn about it through your promotions when you reach out to them the day of the promotion, okay and get them excited because of you know to tell them ahead of time that the promotion is coming so that they know to expect it that's a good strategy than on the day right before the promotion you want to set the price of your book on the Kindle to just 99 cents because that's the smallest paid now a paid price right if you know you can also service the free that's the smallest but free won't get you to be a best-seller status right so you want to get the $0.99 price and you want to set it ahead of a day ahead of time so that amazon has like time enough to set the price and for me, it was about 11 or 10 a.m. on the next day after I said it that the price on Amazon switched from whatever it was - 99 cents you want to do a little bit ahead of time so you don't want to mess that up because if you if you get all your scheduled promotions going out but you must have the day of your price going to 99 cents it will screw up everything right so even if you want to be extra careful you maybe want to do change your book price for 99 cents 2 days in advance if you want to be extra careful with that okay then you want to be careful about building up extra lists for example there you know like the common lists are you know email YouTube subscribers on podcast but in my case look what I did you know I have like 25 thousand subscribers on right these are my students and so guess what you know I also was able to email them you know but you know emailing them was a a little bit tricky because um in terms of service suggests that I cannot email them promotions to pay the books so what I had to do is promotions you know I kind of had to go roundabout even though I went round about email you to me still emailed me and told me like later they emailed me and like hey don't do this anymore you know you kind of end the rules too far so I wouldn't recommend that it's a Sara Lee but he did help me a lot because it gave me a big list to promote to now you gotta do what you have available to you right so in my case I had this wonderful email resource up sorry wonderful resource that I can reach out to my students but in your case, you got to figure out what might work for you and if you have such a big list anywhere it's okay because you know you can just leverage other people's lists I don't talk about it in a second it's not about all you know having like one list or one strategy it's about getting the most out of these right because anyone can do this right so before I get into those things this kind of slide this slide is talking about paying for advertising now I spent a total of about fifty dollars, yeah you can spend more and get more downloads it's all about being smart about where you spent and it's worth spending some money on because this is you know being a best seller is something that you can put on your resume forever and it's going to help you throughout your career, so you know you can spend money on this I think it's a good investment I didn't spend a whole lot I bought a gig a book promotion Kindle promotion gigs from a seller called BK night on Fiverr he's very good he generated maybe 10 20 downloads from for each of my books and I did it for each of my books so he's the best for Kindle promotions on Fiverr and he's very good he's we're very known usually I steer away from recommending Fiverr sellers but this is a person that that's known now this is a person that's well-known and gets you great results other than that I paid a few people to feature my book in their email list or whatever you know not hugely terrible lists but enough to get me some downloads and I was always just after some downloads anyone if you can get me three four five downloads I'm happy with it because guess what that's not the only person I am asking for help right so if you can get me $20 great - downloads I am also happy because the whole idea was to get as many downloads in that one or two day window as possible in an accelerated fashion so my job was just to get as many people as possible to help me promote and so I reached out to a few people I didn't go overboard because I did as you see with my spending I didn't have to because I had other resources like my you to meet students but if you don't have things like your students you may end up spending a little bit more money on advertising to get the same results which is just fine because of all the money spent here you know 50 $50 $100 $200 $300 I don't think it's a big price to pay honestly because of that resume piece bestseller you know I think you will earn you way more than that through the through the career through the course of your career now just like you may pay people to promote you want to ask your peers these are people with whom you have nice good business relationships you want to ask them to promote your book I did that and it was really helpful.

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