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Long-term review strategies and conclusion

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: To conclude the review section I want to give you a couple of ideas for a long term difficult but very very winning ways to get many reviews this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and a lot of the things that we did so far that we've talked about so far are things you can do relatively quickly get quick reviews respond to reviews quickly those are short term but this video is gonna be about strategies that are not immediately this video is about long term strategies and long term most often beats short term by a lot in the long term in the long run so you do have to have an eye for the long term I know as an entrepreneur you need results now but sometimes if you focus too much on the short term you don't get to invest in the long term and the long term is the stuff that wins you big we need to unlock that bigger potential for the long term and I'm gonna give you two two ways that people do this and actually I want you to think about how you can implement both of these ways so the first one is you need to build your own audience and a following why because number one you get to sell to them and you get to boost your listing you know you get to boost your total revenue you get to boost your reviews all that stuff is gonna get you ahead of your competitors on Amazon and your competitors mostly don't have that so that will be your secret weapon but very important to also understand that people who are already your audience let's say you have a big podcast or a big YouTube channel or a big Facebook following or a big Instagram guess what they already know you and if they bought your stuff they already like and trust you which means on average they will be leaving you higher reviews you don't have to ask for higher reviews they'll do it because they like you they already know your work that's a huge thing to start to understand because that's the key and when you build up your own personal or your this big brand when you make it big you get a huge pool of audience to tap into all the time and this is typically how you win very big and give yourself a tremendous advantage in many ways right more sales more reviews higher reviews on average that's a tremendously winning combination now strategy to create tremendous customer support it's not enough just to sell you've got to make those people feel really good about buying from you and get a lot of value from buying from you and you can do this by creating a Facebook group for example the grout cleaning client of mine he ended up creating a tremendous Facebook group mostly focused on customer support and explaining teaching customers how to use the product better all that and a lot of his good reviews come specifically for from his customer support he has a dedicated person which is actually his wife only doing customer support she goes out of her way to make sure that customers are happy and those guys unsolicited that he doesn't have to ask but they live better reviews so that combination of tremendous customer support bigger and bigger and bigger following that got him to the million dollar business that he has now making over six figures a month on Amazon and you can do the same thing but it's not overnight these are a long term and it's kind of like adding a whole job to you right imagine if I told you hey start a big popular YouTube channel it's kind of like having a whole new job so it's not an easy undertaking but long-term that's gonna be the thing that wins and you have to start thinking about it now and think like what can you do is Facebook natural for you is Instagram natural for you is YouTube but the caveat is you gotta become big and you've got to create and engage the audience if you don't you're not gonna get the benefits of these things but if you get it engage tremendous growing audience and run tremendous customer support you're gonna blow your competitors and Amazon out of the water and you are going to ring hire them and dominate your product niche and we're very big if also don't forget your product is good those things winning recipe to a tremendous Amazon business.   

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