Introducing Author Central and boosting conversion rates

Introducing Author Central and boosting conversion rates with editorial reviews

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video I want to start introducing to you the Amazon author central for authors this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and I just searched for it just because it was easier to navigate to you can always get this URL author central you go there it might ask you to login it me I'm already logged in so here I am there's a lot of paid things you can do here and what I'm gonna talk about now is managing your editorial reviews this is something you can do literally on day one or week one and it's going to immediately help to increase the sales conversion of your book so you click on the books and I'm gonna go to any of my books let's say the business plan book and you'll see the tabs here there's editorial reviews and book details what I'm gonna do is editorial reviews I'm already here and you can see you can edit this yourself and what you do is you can give it to some friends and family to review you can give it to some clients you can give it to if you can big your publication like New York Times well obviously that's not the case that that's not a possibility for most of us but many people or publications or blogs or whatever and if they say something like this book is great you can publish that here Amazon does not verify this so you can just write it even though to your potential buyers it would look like Amazon placed these reviews there actually it's you're the one quark who is writing this so you can see here just from a reader and it literally took this from one of the actual reviews and I pasted it into my editorial reviews now let me show you how that looks like on your Amazon page when you're on your Amazon page and the user Scrolls what they see is the recommendations for books and these are you see editorial reviews it appears here relatively high on the sales page which means that and it does influence some people's buying decisions because people see this and they're like oh a lot of good reviews interesting things people are saying and you can do this start gathering this on day one and you can add this on day one people don't have to read the whole book they can read like it one chapters and they can put a review here or they can send your review and you're the one who actually uploads this review and you have this nice little section of editorial reviews that looks very professional again looks like it comes from a third party but the truth is that you are the one who has the full rights and ability to upload this in fact other people just cannot because you're the only one who has access to your author central so you upload this but it makes your listing looks much more professional and it looks like you have a lot more social proof which improves conversion right away.

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