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How to write many books and become a bestseller even if you are a bad writer :)

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I'll talk about two ways to go about creating your book one way is gonna be if you don't want to write and the other way is if you actually enjoy writing this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy they're both legitimate they're both great and there's something for everyone in them so if you don't like writing any problem and you can still create many good books that the way in fact you can create them faster than if you did write to them because writing is the most time-consuming part of creating a book and all you do is create an outline for your book just like you would regularly if you wrote it but instead of writing the book you would talk into words to tax software and there's a lot of this software there are apps I'll get into resources in a second that you can use but you basically just talk the book and you can talk the book while you're driving while you're walking you can talk the book and it will voice record so you have this content for your book it's just not in the text form yet and so all you do is you hire an editor and then you hire a cover designer and you can get it on and boom you have the book and you just upload it to KDP that and you're done with your Amazon Kindle and paperback because Amazon will take care of the paperback printing and shipping for you if you give them that option now if you do write a book yourself you'll notice that there are many similar steps you'll still need to get an editor you still need to create a book cover you'll still need to go through the same process of starting a book now a few words on editing it can be expensive and if you're a first-time author you might be struggling financially in my case when I created my first book a long time ago I did not use an editor I gave it to a few different people to read and give me feedback and I also went over two or three times and that was the equivalent of my editing it's never as good as hiring a fantastic editor but it will get you to book for free to a good place and the book cover can be very cheap for 20 or 25 dollars I've gotten some book covers on so the editing can be free if you are okay with paying for an editor like now I do get editing all the time and it's 2 or 3 cents a word it usually depends on the quality of the editor you can get it very cheaply just the quality will go down so it's really a matter of what you're comfortable affording and spending and the free lane sites that I recommend finding all these service providers people who might transcribe your book because sometimes you might use a voice to text but sometimes you just use a voice recording so if you use of only a voice recording you might need transcription if you use work voice to a text you don't need transcription but you still need that editing and you still need the book covers so you would go to and those are good sites to find unlimited number of freelancers and you can also ask other writers for recommendations if you do not know any other writers Facebook groups for writers are just a click away I'm in a popular Facebook group that's called Pat's first Kindle book, it's the biggest Kindle writer book out it's the biggest group on Facebook for self-published authors you should you're welcome to look that up and join yourself and you can ask they're for recommendations and people will give you plenty of fantastic recommendations for book cover designers editors etc and the voice-to-text software that is popular these days is dragon software it's not free but it's very good and I have no incentive to recommend it I'm not affiliated with them in any way now how do you actually succeed with the books while you have them well persistence is the key if you are a self-published author because you are your quality control you are your marketing you are your everything and obviously you are your writer so persistence is key only my third book did well and my the sixth book was the one that ended up my best book but only after that book went through five revisions I hope your journey will be faster but most people do not succeed in their first book the first book is kind of like where you make a lot of the little mistakes that your next books fix I personally put the most effort into my first book and to this day that book doesn't sell really well and I put most of my heart and most of my effort into that first book and it was heartbreaking for it not to sell too well it only maybe sells now a few copies a month so it's kind of a fail it was heartbreaking but it was also where I learned most of the lessons as long as you keep going you will succeed and what I recommend is you keep revising your older books and keep writing new books and become better and better the better your books become the easier it'll be to sell and promote them and you always want to make better books experiment with marketing and oftentimes what happens to many writers is a successful book whenever you create one will actually pull up the sales for your less successful books, for example, most people find a few of my books that sell now I'll have four or five books that sell well and I'm happy with and I have over ten books on Amazon so what happens is people who find my good books when they like them, they start looking up my other books and it rises raises the sales from my other books so sometimes the way to make your book successful is to write other successful books and developing a loyal readership who get more then one of your books over time and eventually what you want to do is create very winning books and ones that rise the ranks of Amazon and as you rise through the book rank, your sales will increase disproportionately and exponentially and as you become one of the better and better-selling books on Amazon that's where you can make a very significant amount of revenue with self-publishing and throughout this course, we'll talk about all the strategies that you will use to get there.

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