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Advanced strategy for how to sell from Twitter

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: Hi there so most people struggle when it comes to actually sell products from social media especially this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy sewing on Twitter in this video I'm going to show you a very the professional strategy of very advanced strategy to sell from Twitter grow your brand on Twitter and every day get more followers on Twitter that are not fake bots right that is actually targeted good users for your business that actually have a good chance to become clients that's how you sell to get by getting the attention of potential clients so and this is a 95% automated a strategy that over time you'll get like up to 10,000 followers and even eventually, you'll get to a hundred thousand followers which will make you look like a million bucks right very few people have a hundred thousand or even a few people have 10,000 people followers on Twitter and these are gonna be you can buy Twitter followers like on Fiverr yeah but they're gonna be BOTS completely useless this strategy actually these followers they're actually gonna be mostly you know real people that are interested in what you have to say and it's gonna save you a lot of time because you don't have to do the strategy every day like being at the computer it's mostly automated you set it at the beginning and you just let it run and it does the work for you and it saves you the time you don't have to hire any interns or social media marketing agencies or social media marketing consultants none of that and every day you'll grow your Twitter following and again like I said to be in front of targeted people so that I'm gonna show you how I do this it takes two tools they are paid they are gonna be under fifty dollars a month, the idea here is that even though you have to pay it should be a profitable strategy for you it should make you more money than you pay because it's a way to sell and it's a way to save time and it's away to build your brand so all these things the sales you got coming in to increase further followers the building of your brand all that stuff the saving of your time that should be far more war than the $50 you're gonna be end up spending right so I'm actually presenting this as a profitable strategy even though you there are some small costs so let me walk you through the tools that I use and quickly show you how I use them the first tool I use is something called social quant and both of these tools, by the way, will have a 14-day free trial and for social quant I even have a discount code for you which is in one word big discount okay and social quant that net is basically what they do is you make an account and I'll show you how might the inside of my account looks like but you make basically make an account you go to their homepage and essentially just wherever the button is click the 14-day free trial you click that and I'll show you what happens once you create your profile there this is by the way the chart of my twitter growth you can see it's always going up into the right almost every day and what happens is you enter keywords that are relevant for your business right the kind of keywords that your clients might be interested in once you enter them social quarantine goes to work and they start following and then following people that are interested in these keywords right so it's not like the regular follow-up follow back strategy because that usually just has random people who don't care this strategy is more targeted to exactly the keywords that you tell it and if you struggle with your keywords you can just on you need post a discussion or send me a private message and I'll try to actually help you figure out your own keywords so that's it and that once you do this you set it and forget it and every day they'll get you in front of more people on Twitter and as long as your Twitter for profile converts well you should be fine and you should get more followers and get sales and get traffic to your website and get more engagement to your tweets by the way a little bit later in the video I'll show you how to get more engagement in your tweets but this is it right so for each you try the 14-day free trial even if you don't like it actually you can just get just enjoy more free followers that you're gonna get from this tool so you let these get something out of it the other thing is a one quick note on this tool it does follow unfollow a lot of people from you from your main account so what you want to do save your people that you follow into a list before you let social Quan do this because then it's going to unfollow people in your main account so infamy main account put people into your list right do that in you know in a Twitter list so you can follow that list now I'm going to show you another tool social off and here we go this is socialoomph basically this is a homepage socialoomph calm you could sign up now and you basically you go through the very basic signup process I'm not gonna do this here I'm actually going to show you the insides of my account and it's gonna probably ask me to low again so I'll quickly log in and I'll show you the most important part this tool actually has a lot a lot a lot of teachers we're gonna be only interested here for now in these queue reservoirs right I have to queue reservoirs you're gonna have to make your own and what a queue reservoir is is it basically a very long list of tweets that you preload a new life cycle so let's go I'll edit and you'll see some of the important things you see I have like 464 tweets pre-loaded and you know it it automatically tweets for you for me I set it to 20 minutes because I have so many it's hard to run out of tweets but for you it might be a different longer interval between tweets and you want to also click this button to psych recycle the tweets so when you tweet when you feel it when you go through your entire list of tweets it's going to start from the first one so it always cycles always always cycles and that way this is completely automated and this can be cycling for like this month this year and next year you understand so you get a lot of tweets and every time you tweet what happens is that's a chance for somebody to discover you or somebody to go to your website or somebody to you know look at your product whatever you're selling right so these two tools in combination what they're gonna do is they're gonna make you give you you're gonna be tweeting a lot and you're gonna be putting yourself in front of new followers every every day right and those new followers will be seeing your tweets and a lot of your tweets will be like product promotion content that you've made stuff like that now let me show you quickly the structure of your tweet mm-hmm I'm gonna go to manage updates and I just want to show you what I do with my tweets to explain to you how to tweet to get the most engagement there are a few very important elements and all backed by research let me take let me show you what I do in my tweets first of all there's a short title for example how to write a business plan after that you you put a shortened link to that URL in this case it happens to be YouTube then you use hashtags right in my case for this thing is a business plan business planning and the reason you do that is - hashtags is considered to be the ideal number of hashtags more hashtags is considered a little spammy less hashtags just doesn't get you enough exposure and of course no hashtag is also bad hashtags are like a way to get you extra a little bit more extra discovery for your tweets and obviously people discover your tweets they also discover your business and the things that you're promoting in your tweets and this number here 89 is the length of the tweets and you see that in almost no treats I use the full hundred forty characters why because research shows that not using a hundred using about 120 characters or less actually gives you a higher click-through rate because when people scan with their eyes on different tweets their eyes go to their eyes naturally focus on the tweet that's easier to read and the one that's easier to read is the one that's shorter so having a shorter tweet is actually gonna make you stay it's gonna actually help you write so there's a few elements to the street to the element each other Institute of the tweet actually gets you more engagement so let me recap nice title in the beginning link shortened link to hashtags keep it 120 characters who are under and right away you'll start that actually have even just with that you'll start to have more engagement with your tweets but all together you'll have start you'll start each tweet will get more engagement and discovery you'll tweet in an automated way with this tool social so that you're gonna continue to get traffic right you're gonna continue to get exposure and social quant is gonna get you even more and more people every day in pushing in more followers right so and hopefully you'll grow to you know thousands tens of thousands hopefully over one hundred thousand people over time and then every time you tweet he goes to boom 100,000 people pretty amazing so that the strategy that I use it really works for me but you gotta execute it right every strategy the Devils are the details if you have if you struggle if you try it and if you struggle with this strategy maybe send me a message or post a discussion and we'll figure out what may be something that maybe not happening right for you or what's happening very right for you if you're having success with it I'd love to hear so the two sides just to recap social oomph calm and social quant that net and the discount code from social quant is in one word big discount and so that will even make it even cheaper although these tools are pretty cheap by themselves so that's it try this it works and let me know how it works for you.

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