How to ideally use the keywords field inside KDP

How to ideally use the keywords field inside KDP?

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to show you how to use the Kindle keyword tool this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and what I did is literally yesterday I added this long care marketing to one of my books and what's distinct about this particular keyword is that it's extremely non-competitive if I scroll down or even I don't have to scroll down you see it's there's only 37 results in whole entire Kindle for this nobody is competing with me almost and even the top book is terrible you see it's only got like three points two stars so right away 24 hours later but really this happened my book started ranking on the second page I'll show you this started happening within hours this is my book 15 off my marketing strategies now what's interesting about this particular book it doesn't sell almost at all and I don't promote it almost at all you see 2015 there's only got six ratings and when I click it you'll see it's got some kind of it's gonna have an incredibly low sales rank one almost exactly one millionth sales rank and I'll show you the sales for it just so you can see that it doesn't sell this is the last 90 days as you can see and you'll see that it's sold no copies and it does have some readership on Kindle unlimited so this book almost does not sell anything ever so even a really weak unnethe orotate of lower-ranking book it's able to rank and and I'll show you how I use that keywords well if I go to my bookshelf and if I go and I edit the details what you will see is that I added this keyword right here long care marketing precisely only for this experiment and we can play around and search the other like offline marketing I think it's ranking relatively well for this but the offline marketing keyword is a keyword that I've been trying to rank since the book started so let's see so you see I'm a second result and it's actually a much more competitive result what can we take away from this experiment that we learn first of all it takes time to rank so when I choose a new keyword let's say you in the middle of like you your book has been live and you did something that just like I did you chose a keyword after you've done a lot of marketing well you've got to start ranking all over for that keyword so that's a challenge and it's way better to find the keywords early on so that you don't run into this problem so that a lot of the marketing that I did early was wasted on this particular keyword if I come back to KTP what you'll see is essentially I'm targeting some phrases now a keyword like for a phrase like marketing ideas now that's really broad the offline thing that's what makes this book a niche but marketing ideas that's really competitive and local marketing that's also gonna be pretty competitive so try to choose the phrases early on two-word phrases three word phrases if you're really really really shooting big one word phrase and try to do that so that you will be able to get as much ranking for all the keywords out of the promotion you do like the reviews that you get early the sales you get early so you start ranking for all of them now there's a couple of tricks that people talk about I haven't tried I try not to do too many shortcut things but there's a couple of tricks I'm gonna say there unconfirmed but I'll tell you it's the ideas the first idea is that this particular seventh keyword field and to be honest I don't know if this is considered the seventh but or this is considered the seventh is that it's very long so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna try to test how long is it really so this did not work so the tricks I read online were that one of them is about 400 characters and you can stuff keywords in there now this is obviously not true because it cut me at about 49 characters so that's one trick that doesn't work now another trick that people talk about is putting a lot of keywords for example see how I'm putting a lot of keywords here local marketing for a restaurant and coffee shop store I personally don't do this but you can play around with it what I find strong a strong strategy that I stick to is to find seven very strong keywords that I can realistically target with this book for example I said this keywords in 2000 fifteen so there's some things I know now that I didn't know then what I would do different is I would look at like lawn care marketing or maybe restaurant marketing because those are often promoted with offline marketing strategies right because this is an offline in this book is 15 offline marketing strategies so really I'm targeting the keyword offline marketing which I successfully ranked for and I reinforced that Marc Marc offline marketing strategies I didn't have a big enough variation back then of keywords that I was targeting what I would do is maybe target a few other longtail keywords like maybe marketing for a restaurant marketing for a lawn care company maybe marketing for another and another or not something that but something that is certainly a fit for what the book is so in this case the keyword marketing ideas turned out to be a mistake because I think it's just gonna be too it's too broad too competitive that's not gonna work so there's room here to change that but in general this was always a very niche book I never plan to make sales with it this is actually I'll tell you a little inside story this is actually a part of another book for example my local business marketing book this book right here the local business marketing this book actually I believe contains a huge part if not all the part of that 15 offline marketing sales strategies because that if you saw it it was a very short book that 15 offline marketing strategy so that book that I gave the example with was always meant to be a very niche now I'll show you another experiment yesterday about 24 hours ago I did another experiment with for a niche that's quite a little bit more competitive there's a thousand books in this result and it's for the word restaurant marketing and it's with a book that's a little bit of a stronger book it's not a world-beating book but it's this local small business book and you see it's on on seventh page so it's not ranking well but it is ranking somewhere in the search and I'll show you how this one sells basically if that book was a million seller this one is about twice better see and that's in books and on the Kindle it's a little better still I think see it's 200,000 so it sounds a little better again it's not a world-beating book but it's better and I have that keyword that I added exactly like that restaurant marketing so you see it starting the ranking process but it's got a long way to go because now it's on page 7 so it's not enough and now I'll show you the reverse of this experiment so I'm gonna give you a really competitive search start business obviously in the business niche is one of the most competitive searches and what you'll see is that it's got 10,000 books it's competing with and on the second page of results see it's page number two right here I have my book ranking for this the business plan book and this is a tough keyword and I don't have this in the title as you can see and it's missing from the subtitle and but I do have it as an exact keyword in my keyword field and that's the only reason it's ranking here for that you see having that keyword from the beginning in my keyword field actually helped me rank for this and all I have to do is just keep on pushing the book higher and higher and higher and I only have a few more spots because even these two are ads so I only have like a few more spots 1 2 3 4 to get to the front page of that search and that's a sponsored result but this is an organic result so this is a real organic result so I can go up that search and that search is a pretty good competitive search and I'll get a little bit more sales just because I'm targeting that keyword that I chose very ambitiously but in the end at some point it might start getting me trafficking downloads so I recommend just choosing 7 very very sensitively and intelligently chosen and carefully chosen keywords and that's gonna be fantastic for your book to rank because that's not all the keywords you're gonna have you're also gonna have your keywords in title and subtitle but those 7 will be a very fantastic start for you targeting the keywords.   

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