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Negative keyword - universal strategies for how to find them

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: Some students have been asking me how to use negative keywords in their ads when they're bidding on certain keywords how do you set negative keywords this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy the trick is how do you know what are negative keywords and if you're not familiar with negative keywords it's basically in your ad setup you can specify which keywords not to bid on so for example if I have this personal branding book for business ok that might be a good keyword but like personal branding for cats might not sell any books right so some keywords we don't want to use that the example of personal branding for cats is an absurd example in your situation most of the keywords will be more difficult it would be will be more difficult decisions it will be harder to decide which keywords should be negative and which should not be negative so the universal strategy that you can use is in the beginning bit on all the keywords and then when you see some keywords you're spending some money but you're not making any sales then you can go into your the status of your ad and under negative targeting you would just say add negative keywords and it will you know you can add the negative keywords here I'm not gonna add any negative keywords to my campaign but that's what you would do for your campaign but only after bidding on some keywords and trying them out because you would assume personal branding for cats doesn't sell any books in my case right our example but who knows maybe that assumption is for whatever reason in the world maybe that assumption is wrong and we don't know until we try to bid on some keywords so in the beginning you do have to spend a little money experimenting with different keywords maybe even ones that you would think are ridiculous who knows they might work for you and if they are not profitable then you can put those keywords into the negative keyword list now there is one caveat and that is well what if you're spending a dollar to make $0.50 with an ad if you're just after profitability of course you can stop that ad and put that at keyword as a negative keyword but what if you're after getting them more sales because let's say people buy your book after that they maybe hire you for consulting services or they come to your website and so on and so on and there's a lot of money you can make from readers on the backend and obviously people buy your book they don't buy a competitor book so there's actually some benefit in losing a little bit of money as long as you get more readers to your book not to mention it helps you rank so you should decide well how much money can I lose per sale and have that still make sense for my situations so don't blindly look at the profitability of each keyword and say well if it's not profitable I'm gonna make it a negative keyword because maybe some keywords bring your readers from whom you can make money on the back end maybe after they finished reading your book they can engage with your business further and that and the book is really just the beginning of your relationship with them so that's negative keywords it's how you would find which keywords are the negative keywords you don't want to use in your campaigns and how to manage that and how to think about it broadly.

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