How to find hundreds of RELEVANT misspelled keywords

Penny per click ads: How to find hundreds of RELEVANT misspelled keywords

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: Let's start using some of the features of this tool this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy I'm not gonna be able to walk you through every one of the features because there's a lot of things going on but there are some easy and low hanging fruit for us to use for example the misspelled inator this is going to help us find commonly misspellings of our keywords so if I use this tool I click here and I'm going to say for my productivity book it's going to be obviously productivity and let's try that and I'm also gonna add the word goal-setting and let's see what it does so he broke down all the words here I click select all and then I'm gonna scroll down here and on the bottom right I'm gonna say find misspellings and you see on the top he see it's kind of working here 3% I'm gonna fast forward the video until it's done so you don't have to wait here then at one point it's going to finish you're gonna say ok and it's going to give you a lot of words and you can see the misspellings why are the misspellings helpful because let's say somebody searches for productivity's you can bid on that with an ad and I bet you can run an ad for a penny or two pennies and you're gonna be the only one targeting productivities this tool is also helpful because it shows you if Amazon autocorrected see like it doesn't know how to correct it so if people typed productivities guess what you're gonna be the only one running an ad for this keyword and you're gonna be spending a penny per click as opposed to for the correct spelling of the word productivity you might be paying 30 cents a click 50 cents a click a dollar click sometimes who knows so what you would do is you would create a list of these words and you would bid on all of them like a penny or two cents each the same thing with the goal setting because goal setting is a part of productivity so I did that but also it could have been time management it could have been motivation all of those are part of productivity so you see you can do goalie I mean like there's a ton of keywords nobody's gonna be bidding them except for you you're gonna get few clicks obviously but a cos the echos the amount spent per sale is going to be tiny tiny tiny so this is gonna be very very profitable ads it might not sell a lot in total but per sale it's gonna be wildly profitable and I only put two words here right productivity and goal-setting I mean you can go crazy with this because you can put every keyword that is related to your product and there may be 50 keywords related to your product and there might be like 10 common misspellings for each of them meaning you're gonna be bidding on hundreds of misspelled keywords and also you wouldn't be able to rank for these organically because you don't want to put them in your listing because it's gonna make your listing look unprofessional if it has misspellings so the only way to rank for these legitimately is to run ads on these so this is a way to optimize your AC OS to make it really low and run ads on the misspelled keywords.

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