How to find hundreds of additional keywords

How to find hundreds of additional keywords for ad bidding and organic ranking

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription:  In this video let's use another tool from helium 10 and that's this serie bro this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and we're gonna enter an essay in front of our product and after that we're going to be able to get additional keyword suggestions so I'm gonna give it a product Asin for one of my books and I'm gonna get keywords and it returned 366 keywords let's browse this to see which makes sense and I'll tell you which one maybe I haven't really considered I don't bid on this at the moment right it's how business works that's a little bit of a weird one but it's a longtail keyword and I bet you can get really cheap clicks on this the cool thing about this tool is on the right side here it already tells you where my product ranks organically like number one for some number two for some and the ones where I'm like not number one let's say I'm number thirty consumers are not really going to find me like small business starting your own business see I'm number 31 only so I've got a bid on that so I can have a chance to get sales from that keyword and small business books stuff like this that's perfect because I'm not ranking highly for that yet and if I am able to run ads on that and at the same time have run profitable ads but in addition to the profitability I can use that extra activity extra sales extra reviews extra everything to help me rank higher then sooner or later I'm gonna rank higher for all these keywords organically so what I would recommend if I were you I would actually go through these see which ones you're not already bidding on and bid on these keywords it's gonna take you some time because there's hundreds of keywords but it's gonna be quite profitable you don't have to do all of these some of them just won't make sense like event planning business book that's not what my particular book is about so I would leave that but most of these they do make good sense so I'd use them there's also this IQ score cerebro IQ score and if you mouse over it they explain to you what the score is it's an internal calculation they do to determine the ratio between search volume and competition so the higher score is better so a lot of these keywords like for example sy OB start your business actually this turns out they say this is a good one to bid on garyvee good one to bid on his actual name so things like this are also a good parameters also you want to look at sponsored Asin because these are going to be competing products that are competing with you in ads so if you see some have 0 or like really few then you can bid pennies and if some have hundreds like this 153 some other ones over 100 then you want a bit obviously more depending on your category of your product and also an interesting column is the search volume because obviously you want to know how many people are gonna potentially download or buy your product so you see some of them have quite a bit of a volume right so for example for my it's a business planning book and I've got this business planner and I'm only number 19 which is very much not good I've got to be number one for that but you see if I run an ad I can get exposure to that many new people so some of these can be quite profitable so give this a try and this will give you a lot of extra keyword ideas that you can begin bidding on.   

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