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How to choose your book category to more easily become a bestseller

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to show you how to intelligently choose your category for your book this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy so that you get two benefits from it the number one is you will become a best-seller in that category because remember to become a best-seller on Amazon you don't have to sell number one on all of Amazon that's impossible nearly but you have to just be number one in a certain category and some categories are extremely competitive you have to make hundreds of sales a day to become the bestseller in some categories but some categories are not that competitive and you can become a best-seller with just 20 sales or something like that so finding the right category is incredibly important to become a best-seller that's number one the second the benefit is looking if I scroll here and I did a search for marketing and of course look if I am looking for books and I see a book oh it says bestseller of course I'm gonna click through in them as a potential buyer I'm gonna take a slightly bigger interest in this kind of a book that has this badge bestseller or this the book that has a batch that's a bestseller and that's gonna increase immediately the click-through for this kind of book and of course sales and these sales are gonna be perpetually higher sales so you this is a way to become a best-seller momentarily of course but also perpetually increase your sales and what happens is Amazon does give some categories on the left side here but you see they're a little a bit limited you know you can go marketing web marketing but pretty quickly it runs out of categories that's it it's a dead-end but internally they have a lot more categories so what I would do is I'd look at these guys so you sell sales and selling presentations and I'm gonna click here and well here we have this top selling book and what I'm looking for is are they selling a lot of books and what I'm looking for is this paid Kindle Store ranked here it's almost 2,000 it's not a world-beating book but it's an incredibly respectable sales rank so this will be very hard to compete against so we keep going and we go and we'll look at other categories maybe we come back out and we'll look at some other categories and this takes some browsing and you see this book is a best-seller in another category it's number two in this category but in a different one so you see here you have others like public speaking sales presentations so you go and all of these you can imagine they're gonna be pretty competitive but look interviewing see this book sells 7,000 only you see so it's a far lower Kindle rank I'm gonna make this a little bigger for you and you see it's a far lower Kindle rank than the original book we saw so we're like wow that's interesting so let's look at public speaking and what we're looking for is this the first book is it's strong it can beat it well this also is much stronger right to touch two and a half thousand Kindle ranked so we keep browsing and there are a few ways to find categories one is just to keep on browsing what we want to do is find weaker books our design Ted slides and we want to look at other categories and we just want to kind of stumble upon some categories okay running meetings and presentations that look like kind of a fluff category and let's see what's the number one book looks like a strong book again it's it is a strong book but the category itself wasn't that crowded and we want to keep looking for different categories maybe this secretarial aids in training, of course, the category does have to match your book but if we look at this see we found just by browsing for three minutes a relatively weak book you see it's number one it's a weak category it's a weak category that's dominated by a book that's not so strong to give you contrast if you look at my business plan book this book keeps oscillating between somewhere like 8000 Kindle sales rank and I just want to make sure it's the Kindle yeah it's the Kindle so 8000 Kindle rank and like 15 or 20,000 today I'm at 11,000 so this book can easily become high and see also it's almost number one in some categories already sometimes it is number one it's not if we click on this what's going to happen is these two books they are quite strong quite strong if we like 1 we're gonna go to the sales rank and we'll see that this is a really strong book it's like not even 1,000 something it's 320 so I'm most days I'm not gonna be this book not only if I have a burst of sales but if I change the category of this book to some weaker category I'm gonna be able to be perpetually the number one book in that wicker category and I'm going to be able to get more sales immediately because of that badge the bestseller badge draws people's eyes that's what I want to do so let's say I find some category here's what I do I go to my KDP and the fastest thing that I've ever seen accomplished this is you go to contact us and you go to let's say your book details and then you say other ok and it's going to give you a chance to send email to the support of KDP and all you do is send them an email like this just like that you see you can copy and paste this the only thing you have to do is change the URL of your book to actual URL of your book and the category to the actual category that you want so they know exactly what you want and then you send him the message every once in a while you get incompetent to support the person or sometimes even you don't know but a computer answers your email so you just have to keep emailing with them don't give up after the first try if it's frustrating it usually is frustrating but stay with it and you'll be fine eventually, if you can even give them a reason you know you can add on your own the reason that you think your book applies to that category of course your book should at least somewhat be a fit for that category maybe not perfectly exactly but somewhat and then they'll say yes if you can also add your book to the category like this if you go to your bookshelf and let's say you find some book you want to change and you click the edit details and you will change the category the categories are like right here choose categories you see so you can navigate here now keep in mind they don't list all the categories so if your category is not in that one trick that people use sometimes and sometimes it's gonna work it's not gonna work but you can put the category here so, for example, you will put like something like you see how this would be the category of business skills interviewing something like this and this would algorithmically influence Amazon's algorithm to make sure that they add your book to that category now this may or may not work but right now I gave you three different ways to add your book to that category through this little trick here through the actual category choice here and by emailing their supports we eventually you should be able to get into a category that you can rank for and by the way the book I showed you that business plan book it has a good sales rank it is not easy to get to that level of sales rank so if you cannot get to that level of sales rank what you want to do is perpetually make sure that your ranking in search and do all the other things in this course to generate sales like ranking and search running as making sure that your book page has a high sales conversion rate and all those things and eventually you'll start climbing up the category that you've chosen and eventually, you'll be number one for that category and you'll stay there perpetually and that badge is gonna help you get more attention and more sales which will, in turn, help you rank for tougher and bigger keywords and will be one of the major components to make sure that your book perpetually stays as a successful seller long term.

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