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Three more Amazon keyword research tools to consider

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: There are three different keyword research tools specifically for Amazon elsewhere in this course I show you how to use Amazon itself to get keyword ideas this video is brought to you by Abbey pies Academy and I'll show you how to get the Google Keyword tool to get keyword ideas these are essentially free ways now there are some paid ways and I want to show you a blog post it's a fantastic fantastic review of three Kindle keyword research tools KT spy KDB rocket and Kindle Samurai and it has this amazing breakdown of what you can expect the pricing and what you get so here's the kind of a table of a comparison of all of them and you can read through and see what works for you they all have you see money back guarantee money back guarantee money back guarantee some of them differ and this article is a fantastic real overview of all of them and I recommend that you take a look at them in case you have a budget or in case you're okay maybe getting your 30 day trial and then maybe getting a refund that's okay too it's not the most ethical things in the world but if you are really struggling financially this can help you so this is an article on a page called nerdy book girl calm slash best - Kindle - keywords - software just come here and read through this on your own see if you want to try these tools if you do want to spend some time with these tools they'll help you get better ski words and it'll be that much better off for the lifetime of your book so it's a worthwhile investment and if you plan to keep writing books I see some of these are not particularly expensive especially once you start selling it's worthwhile but at the same time it isn't free so I made sure to go over free methods in this course as well.

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