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Sample Ad Study

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December 19, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series let's study about different types of sample ads before writing our own art so click on this drop-down button then here you can see guide tips and view sample ads so as the shoppers of clothes so similarly it is shown the clothing example of sample act as you remember we have chosen the goal as visited storefront or physical location accordingly it will show the same example here if you have chosen the goal of getting more walls it will show unique product or service in place of calls so here a unique product or service in this ad is trendy clothes for women, we have to highlight what makes our business product or offer unique like here free shipping trendy clothes for women visit us or browse online today let's see what was on the call-to-action we are giving them the option visitors or browse online today so there are more eager to come to your storefront then discounts and offers we are giving them free shipping option you can also give 50% around 25% discount so they are more likely to come to our shop and buy some products.

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