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Writing and Understanding Ad

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December 19, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now let's learn about writing our act as you all know our ad will look like this after some editing here is the shop address which will come directly and here is the site of the shop and here we have to add headline one two and description only so in headline one you should add some specific keywords related to your business that we have studied and the keyword research so to my business revision, I am writing a specific keyword as the fashion then trendy clothes are remembered that in headline one there is a word limit of 30 volts only in hand line 2 I am writing my business name [Music] here also the word limit is just 30 words now we have to add a description as we have seen in the sample ads we have to make description batter so as you can see here trendy clothes for women it is a unique product or service then call to action is visit us and then discount and offer just free shipping similarly I will make my description so here I will make as comfy inexpensive clothes for children's so we have described the unique production services come to Phoenix passive clothes for children's then I will mention here discounts and offers here discount our free shipping and laminate but I am giving a 40% discount on all products so I am writing 40% discount on all products then we have to make a call to action visit us or browse online today but as you can see here is the word image of 90 words only and just riding visit us okay so here we have finished our description headline part here and this is hall ad looks like.

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