How to Manage Ads Campaign Settings for Overall Success

Reviewing Campaign Settings

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December 19, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now we have to review our campaign settings so campaign name you can also add it and make anything is here but let it be for now and estimated performance forty thousand two hundred ninety-seven to sixty-seven thousand one hundred ninety-one impressions per month and here is fourteen twenty-five to twenty three seventy-six clicks per month it is only estimated by your budget and the campaign goal is to visit your storefront and similarly, your ad will look like this fashion trendy clothes location marrying tanta comfy inexpensive clothes for children forty percent discount and all relaxed rigid to us and here is the act show act to people interested in your products or services with 45 kilometers of Jaipur Rajasthan 30 2003 India area you can also add it by clicking on add it here and make it 45 to 65 and click on save so the potential audience size is also increased yeah remember it does not affect your budget settings as you can see here we have chosen dollar tan DD average and $304 monthly maximum it does not affect our murdered settings and we have also added product or service business category clothing shop former clothes designer clothes choice when we are t-shirt teens from man women's fashion clothes maternity jacket coats images and logos we have added we can edit it and can remove any of the ones and click on save and you should also know the customer ID this is your customer ID three double five eight five three nine one nine seven is my customer ID and accordingly, it will show up your customer ID right here at the top then we have reviewed our app and let's move ahead.

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