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Watch your copy coach: Create 1-sentence copy-writing cheat code

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December 13, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this video i'm gonna walk you through my process of filling out the one sentence copywriting cheat code for the target market that we're working with so in this example i'm staying true to our course wide example of selling an online course to people that want to become a freelance copywriter that's the target market that we're working with now what this one sentence cheat code allows you to do it allows you to get all of your ideas into one single page which is going to help you stay focused as you go ahead and write this piece of copy so what we have here is the line where we're gonna put in our one big idea below that is the line where we're gonna put the desired feeling that our target market most wants to feel and finally we're gonna put the one action that we want them to take this is another advantage where this is more of an art than a science so there's no exact way to do this but after interviewing people in your target market and/or going online using the online observer technique and finding out what they're talking about just by listening to their conversations you're definitely gonna have some ideas start to percolate and if you stick with it long enough it's just gonna be natural what the big idea is that you want to communicate how you want them to feel and what action you want them to take so after sitting with this target market for a little while it became very clear to me what big idea I want to communicate and that is that anyone can become a freelance copywriter that it doesn't require a special set of skills are you to be a born natural writer anyone can learn how to do this so I'm gonna type that into this cheat code here and the next one is the one desired feeling that my target market most wants to feel and this will definitely come out of your customer language document after you hear from them what they want why are their pain points so painful to them what is it they want to feel that they feel like they're getting stopped in their ability to experience that feeling because of this thing this pain that keeps getting in their way and with this group of people what they want to feel is freedom the majority of them said that they want financial freedom they want the ability to not do the nine-to-five thing and to work on their own schedule and becoming a freelance copywriter is the best way that they see to do that now I also saw that a lot of people love writing and they want to make writing a full-time thing but this came up more often this was a much stronger desire so I'm gonna put freedom and as we go to create our copy the entire time we can be thinking about how can we allow the person reading this to start to feel that sense of freedom and see that that feeling is not only a possibility that they can bring into their life but we actually want them to experience it now because once they get that feeling and you activate that inside of them then they're gonna want to take the action that you suggest because it feels like the most natural next step for them to feel more of that good feeling and in this case we want to motivate them to purchase our online course if we've created a course that we're really confident about and we believe in then them taking this online course is the best possible thing that they can do to start feeling more freedom in their life and that's it there's no secret behind this one sentence cheat code it's very simple but it's a powerful tool and simplicity is really a super power so the fact that we're able to boil it down to this one sentence means that our copy is going to be very focused and that makes it more effective and enjoyable for people in our target market to read it so our final one sentence cheat code is I help people understand that anyone can learn how to become a freelance copywriter so they feel freedom which motivates them to enroll in our online course in this video I walked you through me creating a one-sentence copywriting cheat code to the target market of people that want to become a freelance copywriter.

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