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Mini Mission: Practice Your Interviewing Skills With a Friend

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December 13, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series now it's time for the next mini mission and you're gonna practice your interviewing skills with a friend so now that you've learned what this process is of giving customer interview calls and you realize the value in doing it and you also have a list of questions that you can ask it's time to put it into practice and the best way to do this is with a friend it's very low pressure you don't have to get on the phone with the stranger and if you want you can talk to someone from your target audience but I think doing it with a friend is just gonna be the easiest thing for you at this point so you want to talk to a friend or loved one about what they're struggling with most now in their life it can be about anything if you want you can make it about your business or what you plan on writing copy about but you could also just make it about their challenges is there some relationship struggle that they're going through right now and what we're doing is we're practicing the skill of asking powerful questions and also the skill of truly listening to what it is that they're saying and as you go through this practice exercise see if you can start to become aware of the big pain points that your friend or loved one are experiencing what is it that's the most painful in their life right now the thing that they're just struggling with that it's kind of running through their mind and a loop that they just wish they could have a solution for or they wish they didn't have to deal with that and I encourage you to try out the questions in that PDF cheat sheet that you found in the last video so see how those questions feel some of them may feel a little unnatural and that's okay that's why you're doing this practice exercise and maybe you won't ask those types of questions in the future but see how it feels and I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised at how much fun these interviews can be and the ideal length is usually somewhere between 15 20 minutes in my experience this has been the best amount of time where I'm able to kind of get the golden nuggets talking with people but it doesn't drag on too much now of course you can do whatever length of an interview you like but I just like to say from my own experience this is about how long these calls tend to go and if possible I highly encourage you to record the conversation if you can ask the person you're talking with if you can record it so that way you can listen over the conversation again and maybe there were some golden nuggets of pain points that you missed that now by listening to it the second time you can truly understand or make note of it and remember to listen and let the conversation unfold naturally the idea is not to ask every question on the list as quickly as possible or to check off every question it's to ask a question with the genuine interest in curing the answer and once you've been present and heard the answer you're letting the next question arise on its own and by not sticking to the scripts religiously you can AB and flow with where the conversation wants to go and that's a much better way to bring out these pain points in the other person so pause this video now and don't move on inside of this course until you've had that talk with a friend or a loved one congratulations you've finished another mini mission inside of this course that is awesome I want you to pay attention to how you're feeling right now do you feel how much you've learned just by completing that exercise do you feel more confident in your ability to do this in the future and hopefully the answer is yes to both of those questions and it's important to remember this feeling because this is where you're going to grow the most inside of this course it's by actually completing these mini missions in this video you completed a mini mission where you practiced your interviewing skills.

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