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December 13, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this video i'm gonna be creating a customer avatar and to keep with the previous example i'm gonna be using that same sheet that i created earlier where we found out about the freelance copywriting market using the online observer technique and here this is all language copy and pasted directly from people that are in our target market and what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna create the customer avatar sheet using this as a reference now if you remember from an earlier video there are two options that you have for creating that customer avatar template the one is the PDF that i created for this course which is just a written down version of the digital marketer customer avatar worksheet and if you remember from an earlier video i said that i much prefer to work with digital marketers worksheet because of the way that it's laid out but I'm not allowed to attach that to this video itself so if you want to download this worksheet just go to the end of my PDF and click on the link at the bottom ultimately it's up to you which one you want to use both of these you can type directly on them and fill them out and for the sake of this video I'm just gonna be using the digital marketer template and now I'm gonna go back to our customer language document and whenever I'm doing this I like to have one on one side and the other on the other half so that way I can easily reference the two and the first thing that we're gonna do is just review our customer language that we got using the online observer technique now this is the exact document that I ended up with in the last video when I completed this exercise but when you go to do this for the target market that you want to copy for I highly encourage you to get more information gather more of that customer language that I have here and this reason why I gathered this amount of language was just because I didn't want the video to be too long but there's no limits the amount of time that you could spend researching your target market and in general I would recommend at least an hour to of just browsing these different marketplaces where your target market hangs out and then recording that information to really get an idea of what that market is looking for what their pain points are and what kind of solutions they want but like I mentioned I'm just gonna be keeping with the last example to make this course consistent and using this as the inspiration I'm gonna do the best job that I possibly can to fill out this customer avatar worksheet and this is never 100% science this is really an art form so I'm taking my best guess based off the language here but ultimately there is some guessing I don't know exactly what their challenges and pain points and objections are I could figure that out if I were to get one-on-one on a phone call with someone or with a couple people but since we're doing the online observer technique I'm just gonna take the best educated guess I can using this information as a reference and I encourage you to do the same so the first thing is the demographic information and the name age gender marital status etc for this there is no right name to put here but the reason why we're putting a name and all this very specific information is when we go to write our copy we want to write it as if it's for a single individual and the best way to do that is to actually put a name to this person and even better is if you've worked with someone in this target market before and you can find a picture of them online print out that picture and keep that right in front of you as you write your copy and that way the entire time you can imagine that you're writing your copy specifically for that person even if a thousand people are gonna read what you write it's important that you wrote it for that single individual and that way whenever anyone reads your copy they're gonna feel like you wrote that copy just for them so now let's get into this for the name I'm gonna put Elizabeth Jones and the age I'm gonna say is 42 the gender is female marital status is married now again a lot of this I'm assuming because this stuff didn't come up in the pain points or the solutions when I was doing this research but if you've actually interacted with someone in person and you know this stuff that's awesome and when I look at freelance copywriters I'm actually gonna change this because I imagine that the average freelance copywriter is younger than this I would say in their 30s and this is based on the experience I've had talking with other freelance copywriters now keep in mind just like I mentioned before you're gonna want to do more research here so normally you'd have more to go off of I'm gonna say no children and location is Santa Monica California and now let's start with the challenges and pain points so the pain points here is building their portfolio so I'm going to say building her portfolio finding her first clients and no confidence as a newbie freelance writer and then the challenges usually go off of these pain points and we can figure that out if we start to read their actual language so here it says trouble is I'm not sure how many writers this device applies to or it's just that most of us are not very good at writing good sales copy so I could say one of the challenges here is doesn't know how to write sales copy all dozen gets overwhelmed by online training and finds them tedious and monotonous so those are challenges that prevent them from finding solutions to their pain points need more practical advice and then I'm gonna go to the quote so what's a quote that best summarizes this person's mindset I'm just gonna say words are powerful and another thing to keep in mind is if you're not seeing any of this information in your research and you don't think that doing more research is gonna give that to you like the quote is definitely one of the trickier ones feel free to leave certain parts of your customer avatar blank we're doing the best that we possibly can here but it doesn't have to be perfect by any means the fact that you're just putting this down on a sheet of paper that's organized is gonna help you tremendously when you go to write your copy and the occupation I'm gonna say in most cases they're already a freelancer and same with the job title and their annual income this is gonna be the best guess because I didn't see anything specific about it in the customer language document but I'm gonna say 50k per year level of education college graduate and leave that blank and so the next thing is goals what are their goals and the main thing that came up as I was talking to other copywriters and we can confirm this looking here is they want financial freedom so the goal is financial freedom and one of the goals that I saw when I was interviewing one of the people that wants to become a freelance copywriter is they want to share their message with more people so I put that down as a goal ability to share their message with more people and have them take it seriously and have them take it seriously and then when it comes to value one value that I see a lot with this target market is personal growth they always want to keep growing and learning so I just put learning and then down here objections and roles objections are reasons why they might not want to purchase any of our products or take the action that we want them to take so I'd say one thing here is cost is a concern because there freelance copywriters they don't have the largest income and we can see if their annual income is around 50k now keep in mind I know this is a lot of guessing I'm not trying to hide that fact especially because I'm going off of not much information here but ideally you're gonna have done a lot more research and gathered more customer language and taking the time to go through it and/or be more familiar with your target market because you've been working with them for a while so that way what you're feeling in this customer avatar worksheet isn't as much of a guess as it is for me so cost is a concern and time investment they're already very busy and next up is the role in the purchase process now what that means is if someone's in a large organization they might not be the one that has to authorize the purchase even though purchasing your products is going to benefit them so maybe they need to get someone else's permission in the company in order to purchase your products now because we're working with freelancers we don't have to worry about that so in this case they're the buyer or the purchaser and last box here is sources of information and here we can just down write down what books are they reading what magazines are they're checking out what blogs and websites are they most drawn to what are the conference's they're going to who are their gurus and anything else that we come across that would be relevant for them now for this example I don't have enough information to fill any of this out but if any of this stuff comes up for you as you're doing your customer research definitely put that in this box in this video I walked you through my process of creating a customer avatar worksheet.

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