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Find the Feeling Your Reader Desires Most

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December 13, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series now we're gonna be talking about finding the feeling that your reader desires most and we want to become clear on this feeling before we go ahead and start writing our copy it's gonna make it much more effective so in other words how will your reader feel when they get what they want so your copy is gonna be talking about pain points that your readers experiencing and then you're most likely going to be offering a solution to that pain and we want to ask ourselves how is our reader from our target market going to feel once they take advantage of our solution whether we're giving them solution in the copy itself or we're encouraging them to take an action that will get them the solution that they want so for example we're gonna take a look at yoga so let's say you run a yoga studio and you have an email list of a thousand people and now you're sharing an email with those people about why they should come in for another yoga class what's the feeling that those people are most after now most of the time when people go to a yoga class they're not going to become more flexible they may be an added bonus but what they're really after if you talk to these people and you understand what they're feeling they feel like they want peace they want calmness they may be feeling ungrounded or uncentered in their life like there's too much going on and it's overwhelming and they just want to feel at ease and relaxed and if you know that then you can speak to that feeling directly inside of the copy for the email that you're writing so instead of saying come to our yoga class we have the best classes in town you're going to become so much more flexible you can speak directly to that feeling of over you can say are you feeling overwhelmed and like life's just getting a little bit too hectic right now and you have a lot of time thinking in your mind and you want to get out of your head and live into your body and feel what that sense of relief and peace is like if you're speaking to that feeling directly whole that is powerful copy and like I mentioned before there's this famous copywriting saying that's been in all these old school books where people make their decisions based on their feelings their emotions and then they justify that decision with their logic so speaking to the logic is important about why our yoga class is the best in town why it's better than the other options out there and it's a really good deal but if we haven't hooked them with that emotion then we're not going to be effective with our copy we want to speak to that first that feeling that strong feeling and in order to do that effectively before we even write the copy we want to be very clear about what the biggest feeling our reader desires is so here are some more examples that I found as I was browsing through the internet this one came up a pop up on a website and said tired of googling for answers learn a little bit about running each week to keep you going strong happy and injury free so right there they're going for the feeling they want you to keep you strong and happy and injury free and the key word there is happy as far as emotions goes now I'm not saying that this is the best example out there I think they could do a better job of really speaking to those feelings like what does it really feel like to be happy as a runner you want to keep going strong and injury free but what does that happiness feel like what does it feel like to win a race to beat a record to have a new PR personal record because your injury-free tell me more about how amazing that feels that would make this even more effective now here's an advertisement that I found as I was browsing through my Instagram feed so this is about a service called where you can organize your bills and your expenses and take a look at the text at the bottom this app can help you organize your bills and reoccurring expenses you need to try this app what do you think do you think that this speaks to the feeling that the readers after I would say it does not in the main picture of the ad it says organize your bills and expenses but why is that so important to organize your bills and expenses why would I as potentially their target market want my bills and expenses organized well I want to feel like I'm on top of my money I want to feel safe like I understand where my money is going in and out and like I don't feel at the mercy of these random bills so personally for me if they were advertising to me this would be way more effective if they were speaking to that feeling that I'm after of feeling safe and in control of my expenses so here's I think this is a BuzzFeed listicle thing and this is a headline that says if you ate any of these 32 foods you had an awesome childhood now one thing that a lot of copywriters talk about is a lot of the stuff that's considered tabloid II or very bad writing like you're not healthy writing tends to be a good place to study because there's a reason why these things are so popular it's kind of like the junk food of online articles and online information and what we can do is we can use these articles to pull the good and then use those good principles inside of our coffee where we have a more like bigger mission usually that we're after so this right here for some reason it stirs up some emotion to me in feelings I want to feel like I had an awesome childhood and so I'm also curious what are these 32 foods so this is one that I think does a better job of speaking to the feeling than some of the other examples you heard in the past doesn't mean the copy is great or that this is an article that I feel like I personally need to jump in and read the whole thing but as far as an example specifically about speaking to the feeling the readers after I think this is a very cool example I want to know what it feels like to have an awesome childhood I want to bring that feeling back up and I feel like if I were to read this article I'm gonna be reminded of what an awesome childhood it feels like to kind of be taken back to that state emotionally so here's another Facebook ad that I saw for SoulCycle get your soul cycle starter pack three classes for a special price and then at the title it says clip in find your soul and let's ride I think this is an interesting example because in all of the word copy I don't see anything that speaks to the feeling none of this text says you're gonna feel amazing or describes how great and happy you're gonna feel when you work your body but look at the image of the woman showing gratitude with a huge smile on her face sweating that communicates something to me what that says is if I enroll in the SoulCycle class I'm gonna feel the same emotions that she is feeling right now I'm gonna feel grateful I'm gonna feel happy see that smile on her face I'm gonna feel in shape and fit she's sweating she looks very attractive I'm gonna feel attractive so notice how immediately that draws you in so much more and this is a great example where copy can be done through words but it also can be done through images this image of this woman being grateful and smiling and happy is part of the copy itself so here's a landing page to a popular website called leadpages and if you go on their website right now this is what you'll see I'm sure they change it pretty often but the headline is turn clicks into customers and then if we read the subtext it says leadpages help small businesses connect with an audience collect leads and close sales easily build websites landing pages pop-up alert bars and beyond so that's great and that speaks to the logic in a very good way so as I mentioned before it's great and important and necessary to speak to the logic we want to turn clicks into customers but if we really want to motivate and push someone to take action what are the feelings behind that what does it feel like to turn a click into a customer feels amazing and that's what we start to see if we look to the images on the right so as you can see we have three people here that all seem very happy and that's tapping into the feeling of this copy it's like immediately as I look at this I'm imagining that when we turn clicks into customers I'm gonna feel like these three people right here like I want to high-five the people around me and just create and have a huge smile on my face so this is an interesting way to see how they're able to combine the feeling with the logic and most importantly they know that the feeling they're after is happiness satisfaction success in business what that feels like and these images do a great job of showing that in this video we talked about finding the feeling that your reader desires most and why that's so important.

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