How to Understand Your Customers and Write Compelling Copy

Everything You Need to Know About Customer Avatars

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December 13, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this video we're gonna talk about everything that you need to know about customer avatars now we touched on customer avatars in the last video but now we're gonna go in deeper detail so first of all what exactly is a customer avatar it's a one-page description of the group of people that you're writing for and the reason why it's so important is when we try to write copy for everybody it's really for nobody now I realize that this is the third time inside of this course I believe that I've said that but the reason why I'm repeating it is because it's so important it seems like an obvious point when we say it out loud but when we're actually writing our copy it's very easy to fall into this trap of trying to write for everyone we're trying to write words that everyone's gonna want to buy our products or take our action because they've read those words but the problem with this is it's the same problem when you try to be liked by everyone which is you don't take a firm stance and have copy that really a small group of people resonate with so you need to put your flag into the ground and write copy for a specific person or a specific group of people and that way you can really write words that resonate with that group that people in those that group really get fired up about that they feel strong emotions about because you're writing directly to them using language that they resonate with and another thing is creating a customer avatar helps you keep your message focus now this is another thing that we briefly talked about in the last video but by having this sheet which is all of this information about the person that you're writing for directly in front of you it keeps your message focused because as you're right your copy you can constantly refer back to that avatar sheet and say is this something that this person is going to respond well to is this copy that I'm writing right now something that this person is going to resonate with and another thing that a great customer avatar can do is it can go beyond boring demographics so I remember when I was in Business School in college they would talk about finding the demographics of your target market and this is the age the gender the household size the income size that kind of stuff and yes knowing that stuff can help you know who you're writing for but if we want to be truly effective in creating a great customer avatar and being clear on what group of people were writing for we want to go beyond just those simple demographics we want to know what the common worldviews goals and pain points of our target audience are all of these are important and especially the pain points it's way better to know the main pain point that everyone in our target market shares than it is to know their average age range or gender both are important but when we know this stuff the world views the goals and the pain points then we can really speak to the core of what our target market is most interested in what they're most worried about what conversation is most commonly on their mind in their day to day life and that's when our copy becomes truly powerful and another big benefit is creating this customer avatar sheet helps you speak to one person so if you read books on old-school copywriting another very common thing that you're going to hear is to write your copy as if you're writing it for a specific person now if we're writing our copy unconsciously the default is to write for everyone that we think is going to read it so if we're writing copy for an email and we know we're sending this out to an email list of 10,000 people if we're not aware of this we're gonna automatically write the as if it's going to be read for 10,000 people and when we do this it makes our message less focused it makes it feel like the person reading is not getting a direct one-on-one interaction from us but instead they're just part of this big group of people that this email was intended for and you see this a lot when you receive emails from big companies where they say something like hey we just announced this great feature we know all of you are gonna love it we know all of you business owners are gonna love this new automation thing that we've just released now that's not nearly as powerful as if that email says hey I know you have this big business and you might be having trouble getting new clients this is where our automation tool can help you so that is a powerful secret to writing great copy and when we create a customer avatar and use that as a reference sheet it automatically switches us into that state where the copier writing is for one single person after browsing the web and talking to a lot of different people I found that this is the most practical customer avatar worksheet online and this is from a company called digital marketer and they have done a ton of research and real world experience and through all that this is the customer avatar worksheet that they use themselves so I highly encourage you to go to their website and actually download their worksheet now of course I cannot attach it to this video because this is their intellectual property but I highly encourage you to use this over the PDF worksheet that I've attached to this video and that's because it's a great visual layout of separating all of the important things we want to know about our customer avatar now in the top section you can see we still have that demographic information the name that aids the gender but beyond that we have so much more to work with their goals and values their challenges in pain the sources of information where they go to what books are they're reading what magazines are they looking at conferences that they're going to the gurus that they're following and also objections and rolls now we're going to walk through this in a further video but for now I highly encourage you to download this worksheet from their website and attach that this video is my pdf version of the customer avatar template so feel free to download this PDF and if you'd like you can fill this out but as I mentioned I highly encourage you to download this directly from digital marketer and to do that you go to the last page of the PDF and right here you can click on this button and once you click on this button it takes you to the page where you can download their customer avatar sheet in this video you learned everything that you need to know about customer avatars.

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