Watch Your Copy Coach: Use the ?Online Observer? technique

Watch Your Copy Coach: Use the “Online Observer” technique

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December 13, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I'm gonna walk you through me using the online observer technique and the target market that I want to find out more about is people that are interested in becoming freelance copywriters or in other words it's people that want to write copy for other people's business and make that their full-time living so I'm just gonna say people that want to become freelance copywriters and now the first marketplace that I feel is appropriate for this is the Amazon Kindle Store and as this loads I'm also gonna load up you to me so I can look at some course reviews for people that want to become freelance copywriters and then the last marketplace that comes to my mind for this group of people is a subreddit so I'm just going to type in reddit copywriting and here it's slash are slash copywriting so I feel like between these three places we're gonna get a lot of great language for this specific target market and we're also going to be able to learn about their pain points so now I'm just gonna write a heading that says pain points and I haven't rehearsed this before so you're watching this in real time so this is the exact same process that you're gonna be using for your own target market so now I'm going to type in freelance copywriting so right now this is the first book that comes up and I'm just going to scroll to see if there's any other books that are close to that popularity so this book up here has more reviews but it's also not specific to people that want to become a freelance copywriter whereas this one down here is pretty well-known and it's specifically for people that want to become a freelance copywriter so I'm gonna start with this book but I also could go with this book and as you might have noticed they're both by the same author so now that I'm here I'm gonna scroll down to reviews and this looks like another good book too as a freelancer in six months or less alright so if you want you can choose specifically do you want to look at the three star reviews four star five star in general I like to stay around the four star three star and specifically the three star because usually the five star reviews are hey this book was incredible it's awesome all this good stuff that doesn't touch on the pain point as much whereas the one star review usually is like this book sucks it's terrible waste of my time neither of them tend to hit the pain points as frequently as reviews that are more in the middle so let's see what the three star review is so right here is one pain point I'm not sure how many writers this advice applies to and this looks like another pain point so already from looking at this one review this is really telling about what the market is wanting so it looks like they might be looking for content that goes a little bit deeper on how to become a freelance copywriter whereas this book is a little bit on the shallow end so since there's not that many reviews for three stars I'm gonna try four stars so in this case it's not specifically a pain point where this person says I'm suffering with this thing but it tells you right here that this book will give you a starting place for building your portfolio finding your first clients and getting into the waters of this career so what that tells me is the biggest pain points for people that want to become a freelance copywriter are likely to be building their portfolio finding their first clients and then also getting into the water to this career which I find really interesting so I'm gonna highlight that if I can find it there we go and of course we don't want to just go off this one person we want to keep looking through more of these reviews so hopefully we find a thread or a common pain point that shows up over and over again but my intuition tells me that building a portfolio is going to be one of the biggest pain points for people that want to become freelance copywriters and finding their first clients so this is interesting to me here or it says if you need a jolt of confidence as a newbie freelance writer get this book and what that tells me is confidence is a big thing so I'm gonna start another list here that just says possible pain points building your portfolio finding your first clients confidence as a newbie freelance writer now notice how all of these pain points are coming directly from the customer language these aren't pain points that I'm guessing this market is having there are pain points that I know they're having because they're actually talking about it in the reviews and that's what's so powerful about this technique and why we don't want to assume anything most of us are not very good at writing good sales copy so to me that doesn't speak to a specific pain point but I still think it's interesting so I'm gonna write that down and maybe when we go to write a sales letter or an email for this target market using this language is going to be useful to us so what I'm going to do is I'm going to start another line that says possible solutions and in this sense we want to find out what is our target market looking for or what do they like as a solution and I found some interesting things here as you can see you could do this for an hour easily just keep going through this but for the sake of keeping this video short I'm gonna move on to our next place which is udemy course reviews and I'll type in freelance copywriter what I'm gonna do is look at one of the bestsellers I always like to go to the bestsellers first because you know there's the most content the most number of reviews to look at and just like any other one I'll start with the three-star review so this course is very tedious and monotonous for a novice I was expecting this course to help me right step by step so these could be pain points specifically about finding online learning about how to become a freelance copywriter so in my case the reason why I would want to learn about this target market about people that want to become freelance copywriters is because I want to create an online course that helps them learn how to become a freelance copywriter and because of that I consider this to be a very important pain point this course is very tedious and monotonous and this is one of the top I mean it is the top freelance copywriting course on udemy which is one of the biggest online course marketplaces on the internet so that tells me that there's room for a new course that's not so tedious and not so monotonous I need more practical advice so this is telling me that people want more specific formulas ADA is copywriting formula that's really popular in the copywriting world now some of these where it says nothing significant going in the right direction so far why is it not very clear till now yes their pain points but they're not giving me any useful information and that's why I'm skipping right over them and there are 1700 reviews for this course alone and then of course there are multiple courses about becoming a freelance copywriter so there's no point going after information that's not that helpful to us there's plenty of reviews so we can keep going until we find ones that provide juicier information so this is interesting because it tells me that people in this market really want encouragement and they also like tools for beginners to get started so confusing to follow it's interesting to me but it's not specific enough information where it's actually gonna help us so here I would have liked a chance to submit something or more testing I think that's useful information so then for example when I'm going to write a sales letter that's convincing people to enroll in my online freelance copywriting course I can say that this course is filled with engagement with your instructor and there's opportunities for you to submit something and for you to test your own abilities through mini missions or actionable exercises so what's so powerful about this method is if you use this method before you even create your product that you're offering your target market it'll help you determine what you want to build instead of building a product that you think people will like and then trying to write the copy it's better if possible to write the copy first because through that process you're going to learn so deeply what your target market actually wants that you can build a product around that without any guessing needed so that feels like a good place to stop for you to me again I could do this for an hour and get a lot of information but for the sake of keeping this video relatively short I'm gonna go to the last place which is the copywriting subreddit and what I like to do whenever I'm browsing on a subreddit is start by looking at the top post of all time especially in a subreddit like this copywriting because it doesn't have that many people inside of it it's 17,000 whereas a lot of other sub reddits might have over a hundred thousand or a million people in it and let's just take a look at the top post and what I'm also going to do is look at the comments in this post because I find that the comments are usually way more valuable than the posts themselves so just my first impression of this subreddit is that I'm not gonna find that much information about the pain points it's gonna be a lot more effective for me to spend my time on the book reviews or the online course reviews however if I want to learn more about how this target market thinks what their sense of humor is then this is a great place to look at because this is a more casual conversation so for example in this post I've seen this before and I think it's pretty funny but it's a local police department that use copywriting principles to try and get drug dealers to turn in their competition as a way to increase their market share and so this is something that if you were to teach an online course about copywriting you can use this as an example because you know that other copywriters in this niche love this they think this is hilarious and if you read the comments here you can learn a lot about even how to break this down there's a copywriter here that took the time to break down why this is so effective and also some ideas on how they can make it stronger but in this example it doesn't make sense at least from what I've read so far to add any of this into this word document but this is the part where it becomes more of an art than a science and you're gonna have to use your intuition to decide is there anything worthwhile in the subreddit to make note of or do I want to just stay on the pain points stay focused and then you can go on the Kindle Store or the UNAM eCourse reviews so that's it for this video inside of this video you watched over my shoulder as I found a lot of customer language and pain points using the online observer technique.

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