what products services can you delivey easy fast for $5

Think what products services can you delivey easy fast for 5$

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: In this tutorial I want to make I want to walk you through some of the strategies that makes it worthwhile to you to deliver five-dollar orders because you will start out with five dollar things and you know you don't want to offer the farm this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy at least not always for five dollars right or if it takes you a long time to provide the gig and you only get to make five dollars and by the way fiber keeps one they keep 80% so I really make four dollars right and you don't want so you want to deliver something that will be very fast okay so what is perfect for that digital products I take a look at some of my gigs this one the one would help you with the CEO strategy that's not part of that but look at the second one I will say I will send you my digital mobile app book right and that is something I can do in like a minute and I make $4 $4 a minute it's a good rate and same thing here I will provide an affiliate marketing course I can do that in a minute right I just had them a link to get the course and guess what it's four dollars for me and in like a minute or two right which is a good rate so and you can do this on your break whenever so it's not really a permanent thing it's like you know if you're surfing surfing the web on your free time you can kind of close this gig like that so it really takes no time and really you can make and you look a lot of my gigs you can see the same similarity um like this one also I'll send you a hundred page business book for five dollars I will send you a guide on how to market a local business a fundraising guide you get my Advanced Course so I sell a lot of my digital products my books my apps actually not naps sorry my courses on Fiverr and as long as it's easy to deliver those orders make financial sense for me the only trick is to get a lot of them of course I also have just a note here of course they also have gigs that are not time worthwhile and those gigs typically have like this gig that I'm pointing to that I will help you plan an SEO strategy that particular gig has a lot of different benefits to it that we're going to talk about in a different lecture that that's a different strategy that will cover but generally even if you you know have you have some small digital things to sell why not tell them here it's as long as it's fast for you to deliver it makes financial sense.

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